Friday, June 18, 2010

Blog Marketing

They say, a good blogger self markets his blog by linking back to other posts when appropriate. I thought I would give it a whirl and see if I could be appropriate.
It was after A Father’s Day when I Got This Pain in my Stomach. I was minding my own business, just Me being Me, when it happened.
My name is Alex, and this pain started on my Bow and Arrow Adventure. I was Traveling Along when I had a series of 17 Accidents, I know that’s a lot and quiet a Conundrum. Since then I have had time to reflect on this Tragedy. I am pretty sure all of the accidents were the result of my Mid Life Crisis.
I know you are thinking, Tell me Everything. So here goes. This little crisis all happened on the weekend that the Animal Death Policy was announced at the Super Bowl by a bunch of Lazy Bad Men who thought they had Really Big Weighty News.
When my Aunt Ruth and Uncle Carl heard about the accidents and they started Thinking and saying it was A Sign from God and that It was a Miracle, but that was a Tactical Error on their part. You see a Rat Attack rarely happens except when An Angel with Wrinkles stops by. But, it was no angel, it was just one of my Blogger Buddies who BTW is The Cool Optimist, from the reality TV show, Milk those Cows, who had recently come back from hearing a lecture where Max Aswell Speaks regularly on “Happy Marriage – Top 10 Male Traits Needed.”
If I had been more Faithful and Consistent and not been Checking Out, along with The Foolish Atheist, the hip hop group Boy’s Water and Mud, I probably wouldn’t have tripped over Bad Grayquill Working Step 5 (accident #2) that resulted in a Hole in My Sock, where my Toe Nails stuck out, and I ended up with a few more Dead Brain Cells.
Mr E who happened along about then had the nerve to ask me, “Son, Is That Shirt Dirty?”
“Well, of course it’s dirty! I just fell and landed on a Depraved Troll (accident #6). I understand Young Folks at Times Need Old Folks but seriously did he not know this was not one of those times? Did he not see this was a time when a person should be quiet, and Mow Your Own Grass? That reminds me Goldie liked rolling in the grass along with My Neighbor Jerry who was one of those Smart People – sorry for the tangent.
The way Mr. E looked at me you would have thought Uncle Thoughtful – Jujitsu Warrior, who is Crazier Than Scadit
ch, had just told A Pig Story. But, after a long stare down, Mr. E returned to his Homemade Ice Cream at Seat 13D. By then it was 12:10 AM and I saw that Mr. E’s Giant Ears had scraped the Refrigerator Doors as he looked closely at A Child’s Christmas List taped to the door facing. The list was written after A Child’s Prayer. One might ask, Why We Write such lists but that is kind of like the question, Why Fish? I know this is all beginning to sound like Random Ramblings and I am pretty sure My Great Liberal Brother is the only one who cares. So I am trying to be careful and avoid a 28 Story Misspeak and as you all know that is hard for me to avoid without my Nose Spray.
I finally went to the doctor for an xray about the pain in my side and the doc told me that Broken Ribs are Such a Pain and that I needed to cancel my Bare Stomach Volleyball tournament.

The Very Bad Scary News is now I will be Sitting Around in My Underwear and that sight will make grown Men Cry.
I could tell you more about this pain in my side but I only have So Many Stories and besides Mr. Blunt Edges - I think I Hate You. Did you see and hear that Lighting Flash and Thunder Roll? It was probably caused from some Blissful Mountain Love by a couple of Christians That Are Just Plain Irritating wearing My Hat. Hmmm…. I think It’s a Miracle and their First Kiss.
I guess this story was light on plot, so we will end strong with a great lesson. Always remember, When The Bright Side of Blogging fades and When The Path is Dark and the ladies don’t find you Handsome and Handy try some Self Dentistry and if that doesn’t work Paint the Fence.
Signing off for now but I will be back with more This and That. Hey…Where are GQ’s Glasses?
I am so embarrassed.


Anita Jeyan said...

hahahha wooooowww thats quite a composition...n what a creative thought!!! clap clap to you, GQ!

Debra said...

One word. WOW!

S. Susan Deborah said...

Ha ha ha (Falls down rolling with laughter. Hurt the sides. Tears in Eyes).

GQ, you are impossible.

Have a great week.

Joy always,

Unknown said...

:) You did a lot of work to conceive this.

I dare you a more difficult challenge.... do the same thing, but THIS time using the TITLES of all the blogs in your bloglist.

This will make our day! :)

Anonymous said...

ROFL! The last paragraph was the funniest!!! Made me laugh out loud! :))
What an innovative thought for a post GQ! Kudos! :)

Pat said...

You are one of a kind...a very funny kind. I actually think I gota little dizzy while reading this. Yes, that would be more dizzy then usual.
Though this must have been very time consuming, and I really admire your skill...please don't do it again. I can only take so much dizzy.
By the Way...linking back to previous post is not all it's cracked up to be LOL!

Grayquill said...

Anita: Why….Thank you! :D

Debra: That one word could be taken several ways. Since I love compliments I will say thank you.

Susan Deborah: You are the best! Thanks

Shadowthorne: I will think on your suggestion. Hmmmm…who would I offend the most with such a post? That I will have to think on, but it does sound fun.

Choco: Ahhhh… approve – Thanks!

Pat: Sit down put your head between your knees, take steady even breaths. BTW- you are pretty funny yourself- your comment gave me a good chuckle.

Holly Kay said...

Whoa! That was just amazing. The most original blog entry I've ever seen. Was that your idea, or did you see it done somewhere else? I'm speechless!

Grayquill said...

I did a similar think at work once in an email. At that time I used the principles listed on a poster I was printing for a client and it was fun.
Thanks for your nice words.

Blunt Edges said...

did u have this planned out like from the very first day u started blogging? or did it just magically fall into place? :o

PS: i like the fact that one of the posts actually has my name :D

Rosaria Williams said...

Lord of Olympus, you wrote an epic here, with legends to look up and boost your ratings and commercial appeal! I came from Arkansas Pat to say hello and got mired in your story.

Hilary said...

Ha.. nicely don. Did you cover each and every one of your past posts?

Lynda G. said...

That was a bit like reading my canopy assembly manual. Like an obstacle course but priceless. ;)

Amrita said...

Very clever ingenius and hardworking. How long did it take for you to creat this post? Certainly it beats all. Well done.