Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Smart People

This writing is full of judgments and generalities. You will find a lot of...them, they, and those statements. You will probably also find a bunch of words like – always and never. Now a smart person would never write such a piece in the first place – so if you happen to be a smart person I would suggest you read no further.
Have you ever noticed really smart people have a handicap? They know they are smart and thus they think everyone else is stupid. Even though they are super smart they have a serious flaw in their thinking and it is really quite sad. Once they come to understand and believe that everyone else is not as smart as them or in more serious cases – stupid, at least their family and friends. Family and friends stop being a source of knowledge or wisdom for them. It then appears they gravitate toward groups that think as they do, thus little new information can slip in. I have often wondered if these people are really smarter than the rest of us or do they just have an inflated view of themselves. I don’t know why I even mentioned that, I am not one of the smart people and there is little hope I could figure that one out on my own. If you are a smart person could you help me out on this point?
There is a great opportunity to learn from these smart people, since they have no problem speaking forth knowledge, asked for or not. It is like they almost cannot help themselves from sharing their vast knowledge and understandings. And, really why should they? They are smarter than the rest of us and it is their duty, their calling, their purpose to enlighten us normal folk. But now and then a problem arises in their calling. They meet another smart person who thinks it is his calling to enlighten the other smart person. They are not smart enough to recognize another smart person right off and since they think everyone else is stupid it would be illogical for one smart person to be able to acknowledge when they meet another smart person; quite a conundrum for being so smart, hmmm. It is really too bad these people do not go to a tattoo artist and have their IQ tattooed on their forehead. Then all the smart people could recognize each other and stop wasting each other’s time. These people could walk around and look for people without the tattoos and stop them on the street and impart knowledge thus fulfilling their calling and purpose. Of course my idea will never catch on because smart people would not be reading this blog in the first place. Oops – I just made a mistake I think I tried sounding like a smart person by giving out an idea that only smart people could have on their own – sorry I will try to remember my place.
If a smart person does by some fluke read this blog – I would love to know how they keep getting smarter. I have noticed smart people read a lot and maybe that is it. Maybe you have to get a book published before a smart person will listen to you – hmmm…. seems like a lot of work.
Sorry, if you have read this blog and you are really smart and I have offended you. It was not my intent to offend – I just really never thought a smart person would be reading a blog such as this.
I don’t know about you but if it wasn’t for the smart people, life would be much harder for me. Two thumbs up for the smart people – Gee that kinda leaves out the thumbless people – Sorry.

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