Saturday, June 25, 2011

Is it Good or Bad?

It was an evening of grunting, pushing, and pulling. I am getting too old for such nonsense… have I got your curiosity up yet? Well it was really nothing very exciting at all. I was helping my wife move her classroom…I am pretty sure that some union socialist should be pretty mad at me about now. Think of the all the pay I deprived him/her of. All that rule breaking didn’t come without a cost though. Aches and pains have been punishing me for several days.
On a brighter note or maybe a sadder note, depending how you look at it, this could be good or bad. I bought a new old car and I have been holding my head up high like a proud peacock driving around town and that has been good; no that’s bad because it was only because my pride wouldn’t let me drive my old beat up truck anymore; somehow thinking a 57 year old guy should have something better to drive was just plain prideful and that’s bad; no that’s good because in spite of the pride the old truck needed a rest and you have allowed it to live a few more months or years and that’s good; no that’s bad because now I have to pay insurance on something that is almost dead and that I will rarely drive and that’s bad, no that’s good because not driving the old truck will give you a sense of being green making the old truck last longer and that’s good; no that’s bad because your yard is looking like a used car lot with an old beat up truck sitting off in a corner and that’s bad; no that’s good because now there is another place that doesn’t need mowing and that’s good; no that’s bad because the grass will probably die there and that’s bad; no that’s good because it was mostly just weeds there any way and if the weeds die that will be good; no that’s bad because some day you will move the truck to go fishing or to the dump and there will be nothing but a bare muddy place in the yard where you might slip and break your leg and that will be bad; no that’s good because if I break my leg I won’t have to go to the dump and that’s good; no that’s bad because old trucks need to be useful now and then just to keep their feelings intact and not driving it might break the old girls heart and that will be bad, no that’s good because by not driving the old girl you won’t come to realize how old, saggy and sad your old truck really is and then you will want to buy a new perky truck and that will cost a lot of money and be very very bad….oh!

Monday, June 20, 2011

New Blog in Town

There’s a new blog in town. Check it out. "Vegans in Love"
In spite of their veganism it is full of fun energy. Luna and Darcy are unique, creative, fun, and dear to old Grayquill’s heart. 
Give them a shout out of welcome and encouragement.
Thanks in advance!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Taming of the Shrew

Oh bother...I have to take a break from my morning coffee..... I have a live shrew in my living room –UGH! Wait a minute this can't be all bad. My cat can finally be useful. I grabbed the cat put his focus on the small intruder and set myself down to watch his handy work. That pathetic cat only wanted to watch it scurry from corner to corner and gingerly bat at it to make it scurry here and there. Lucky for me little shrews can't see too well and he didn't head for the under part of my couch like a mouse would have. Realizing quickly my cat was useless; I hoped I could at least leave the cat in charge long enough to fetch my favorite mouse/shrew killer, my long handled wire brush. Upon my return trip from the garage the cat had let the shrew escape – I  gotta get a real cat someday! The cat was at least useful in letting me know where the four legged, pointy nosed critter was hiding. The little guy had taken refuge under a throw pillow that was sitting squarely on my white carpet and leaning up against my couch - Yikes! - Not a good place to use my mouse killer. In my best shrew pillow lift a flick with the smooth wood part of my brush sent the cute little guy sliding sideways for a tumbling ride onto the hardwood floor. The drama had now left the living room and was cleanly into the open of my dining room floor. The shrew must have known the one act show was coming to an end because when he took his bow my wire brush impaled him square on the head. No blood - just instant death. With the show over my needle nose pliers gave him a ride back from whence he came, into the brush beyond the flower beds. Gee, all that excitement before 7:30. What will this day entail? I am so excited with anticipation!