Sunday, April 26, 2009

Random Ramblings…

Chocolate covered short bread cookies for breakfast, a whole sleeve. Now that probably was not my best breakfast choice but it sure was easy and tasted of course pretty good. Turned the TV on to a real snore, Meet the Press, totally painful – I am now watching NASCAR racing, at least it has a little conflict. It is also great for writing a blog while watching TV – now that’s a bonus. Oops! There just was a massive accident. I think there were at least 15 cars involved.
This is one of those totally pointless blogs. Not one possible reason for writing it. Gee that seems like life some days. Excuse me I will be right back – I need another sleeve of cookies. We will see if when I get back something can be salvaged from this mess.
I’m back – ½ a sleeve – I am trying to lose weight, you know smaller portions and all that. While eating my smaller portion I flipped through my available TV choices. Cleaning intentionally spilled red wine from white carpet, that doesn’t do much for me. Oh, here is something, a modern day girdle. This woman just went from a 43” waist to a 38” waist by walking into a dressing room and coming back out. Oh we got golf, hockey, basketball, the religious station is now all fuzzy. You know that converter box for those going digital? Yes, I still only have an antenna. I guess soon – it will all be fuzzy channels for me. Now that cannot be all bad. My rebellious side refuses to comply. I guess I will show them. Now that sounds really crazy.
My chore list is pretty long today. No one bothered doing any of my chores while I was gone fishing. Oh, that reminds me I haven’t really said anything about my trip. Awesome, horrible, hot, cold, exhilarating, boring, wet, dry, windy, calm, basically it was a trip of opposites. I did catch fish every day, no complaints there, except more would have been better. That reminds me have you ever noticed how life is almost never perfect. The coffee is either to hot or too cold – never just right. The weather is also almost always to hot or too cold – mostly to cold. Take sex that is one of those categories where I have never heard someone complain, “That was just way to hot.” Well, my wife said it once – Oh yeah, that was a dream. Take a pillow, have you ever heard someone say it is just right. My pillows are either too hard or too soft, and what is weird it changes from night to night but usually they are to soft.
I guess it's time to start those chores – maybe a couple more cookies first.

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