Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Animal Death Policy

No, I am not talking about an insurance policy on an animal, only crazy people do that. It is a simple policy or rule that my kids had to agree to if they wanted a pet. The rule is really quite simple.
If an animal becomes injured or sick and veterinary care is required above and beyond what I can do myself, and the cost of the veterinary bill exceeds the amount it cost to put the animal down – well the animal loses. Now, I am not totally unreasonable shots and vaccines do not get charged against the animals account. For the most part my home vet skills have proved adequate except for this one time, oh yeah that’s right there was that other time.
My six year old daughter had been given a kitten from her uncle, my brother. I might add that brother is a particular bad brother. I mean what kind of a brother brings kittens into the room where a six year old little girl is who has wanted a kitten for a really long time? That is evil and that sinister smile he gave when I was doing my best to explain to my daughter that we really shouldn’t have a kitten is still emblazed into my memory. He knew I was fighting a battle that there was no possible way I was going to win. That smile – Grrrr! I am still bitter.
Two years go by. Cat and daughter became attached. No - that’s wrong. Daughter became attached to cat. Cat could careless about daughter. Cat slept on daughter’s bed. Daughter dressed cat up in doll clothes. Cat would strut around like he was King Tut - sickening.
The call came while I was at work – you know the call – daughter is crying telling me I need to come home Skippy is hurt. Oh, yes cat did get a name but I preferred cat. I came rushing home and sure enough cat is hurt pretty bad. One look and I knew it was beyond my sewing skills.
I got the cat wrapped up tight in a towel so our second stop wouldn’t be the emergency room and the whole fam-damily headed off to the vet. Daughter is crying in the back seat. I look over and my wife is tearing up, oldest daughter is also now crying. D’OH! The only thing I am thinking about is – how am going to get out of this without it costing me a mint. The only rational one in the whole car was our 4 year old son. He was so intrigued with the wounds we had to keep scolding him to stop trying to touch the owiee. I decided since we were all together this would be the perfect time to remind everyone about the vet policy.
I didn’t even get the words out of my mouth before that “don’t you dare” look from the wife’s eyes shot darts of venom at me. UGH! Where is the support when you need it? Where is the - we are a team, we will be undivided, it is us against the world?
Long story short, just so you know an eight year old daughters tears over rule sound business policies every time. $150.00 later we were back home. Skippy lived to see another day and he now had bragging scars with all the other cats in the neighborhood. And, me? Well, I went to the garage and found something to fix that required a 5 lb. sledge.
Here’s the rub I live with people I really like and they get attached to these animals. I keep telling them emotion is the enemy but they just won’t listen. It seems I am stuck in this love hate paradox. On one side is the love – my family, and then on the other side is the cat. Well, I think I have said quite enough on the subject. Advice is all ways welcome.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha! Doll clothes? I love that. Touching the owee? Yes, that definitely sounds like a 4 year old boy's area of interest.

No advice. You did the right thing--this coming from a girl who understands how cuddly and important kittens are.

Grayquill said...

I had no choice. It was the kids, the wife, and God all against me.