Sunday, March 29, 2009

Nose Spray

I had a personal bad moment this past week, it was a true Homer minute. I needed some nose spray for my allergies. I finally found the correct section of the store. Looking at the box, one of the ingredients was glycerin – I knew from my printing background that glycerin was a wetting agent so that kind of made sense. I guess a wetting agent could be used to keep the nasal passages moist. But I couldn’t see where it said anything about it being for allergies. On the front of the box was an enlarged distorted picture of the nozzle for inserting into the nose. Interesting marketing picture I thought, actually quite effective, that certainly was a long nozzle. I was becoming increasingly frustrated, not being able to find the part about allergies. Why do they make it so hard? Then I saw it in big bold letters, right on the front of the box - “ENEMA” - - D’OH!
Casually, I looked to the left and the right, no one was watching me. I carefully put the box back on the shelf. I had a good laugh at myself.

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