Sunday, March 1, 2009

Me Being Me...

I have been married for 35 years now and yes to the same woman – Gee, you are so suspicious – Stop it!
Early on in our marriage there were times especially that first year, oh right that third year, you think the seventh year too? Really? Oh my gosh, if that’s true than I have lost count after that. Regardless, I was just being me and she would take issue with me being me. What is that about anyway? Well, apparently, me being me was at times a problem, how would you say it? Hmm…anger isn’t really the right word. Fury maybe overstates it, rage certainly is an exaggeration (she is very controlled), annoyed is simply way understating it, exasperated may be the best adjective. Regardless, maybe you get a visual of her feelings toward me for me just being me. By the way, when me being me is not acceptable it is hard on the fragile male ego – just thought I would throw that out there. At the time I thought it was just PMS or some other woman thing, right? Who knows and who cares. Isn’t that just a woman being a woman and are we men really supposed to try and figure that all out? I’m so glad you agree with me – sometimes it gets so lonely.
I guess one of my wife’s methods of coping with, me being me, was while I was asleep having wonderful utopia filled dreams of her and me holding hands frolicking naked on a beach on a deserted island, (Sorry, I know that visual just traumatize my adult children) she was furiously working off her exasperation of me being me, cleaning the house in the middle of the night. Well all that house cleaning was oblivious to me. I just figured we were a really clean couple and when once two people are in love – magic happens. Still seems kind of reasonable to me.
Well many days have passed since that first episode of me being me occurred. I would argue that I have changed considerably. It took sometime but I could see how me being me was not really the best approach for the long hull. Okay, we need to stop right here for one small interlude - just to be fair - she might see this a little differently than I do. In fact when me being me becomes too prominent she can be quite clear about how little I have learned, which of course is totally not true.
Just so you know that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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