Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Creepy Blogs

Today, as I was driving, I thought about how this blogging stuff is kind of creepy. I mean you are putting things about yourself in a public place. Sure, they are exaggerated but heck if they weren’t who would read them. Most of us are fairly boring and most of our stories are really quite regular. It seems logical that one would need to add some color here and there. Seriously, isn’t black and white pretty much dead?
To some degree and maybe a large degree isn’t blogging being slightly an exhibitionist? And isn’t that creepy? I have this slight nagging tinge pulling that thread attached to the self perseveration part of my soul that says someday you will wake up to something you posted and it will be really bad.
Great! Now I am probably going to have nightmares.

1 comment:

riddhiculous said...

very true. blogging is creepy. as their is so much yourself put on public display. but the beauty is the narcissism is so fascinating that we enjoy disclosing that little figment of ourselves with a tinge of imagination.
Valid thought anyway!!