Thursday, January 7, 2010

Why we write?

When we are in pain we write – I heard someone say this once and I found it interesting and believe it to be true. I think there are probably some who write for the love of writing. I have a tendency to be a bit jealous of those people, their words flow like a feather pushed along by a soft breeze skipping here and there smoothly, almost lyrical.
I started writing mostly out of boredom, wanting to improve my writing skills but I admit it was 'pain' that started the keys clicking. In an attempt to release this pain a book began to emerge and now lies hidden in a cob webbed corner of my computer. The quality of the writing was horrible but it served a purpose and maybe someday when I have retired and have learned to write and have gained some wisdom the story will be rewritten.
This Christmas I compiled many of my blog posts into a book for my kids. Later I joked with a friend that my first book was a smashing success, it sold out the first day, all seven copies. As I read through my old posts I could not help notice how some of the pieces flowed along smoothly while others were disjointed and it was as if they ran sideways down a crooked trail. The smoother pieces encouraged me and the crooked ones well let’s just say I am grateful that my fellow bloggers are gentle with me when these posts have been posted. Sorry!
The trouble with just writing and hoping that writing alone will improve a person’s skill is kind of like the person who boasted proudly, I have twenty years experience at my trade. The trouble was he was horrible at his trade. His problem…he really only had one year experience. He repeated the 1st year 19 times.
This is my 100th post and for my writing to improve my next 100 posts will not be repeats of the first 100. You can expect more risk, more failure, more openness, more success, and if I succeed I will touch your hearts and hear your laughter more often and at a greater depth.
So here I sit blogging along, with hope sitting on my shoulder encouraging me. I have learned my fellow blogger friends will tell me when the words have touched their funny bone or strummed the strings of their heart; one thing is for sure their comments always encourage me.
If you are reading this, thank you for coming this way, and for putting forth the effort to read to the end. I appreciate each and every one of you. If you care…you are helping me. Thanks!


Asif said...

Hey we not only care but infact we are learning sooo many things from your experience.
Thanks for each and every valuable post.
Looking forward to your double century...:)

Karthik said...

Your 100th post rocks! :)
And there couldn't be any better topic for your 100th post than this. Why we write? I probably belong to the second category - I write because I love writing. Looking at my thoughts getting manifested on a sheet of paper (or on the screen) is one of the most beautiful experiences of my life.

I shall be eager to read that story of yours, which has now gathered a layer of dust as you said. :)
Keep writing and let me keep reading!
Cheerios! :)

Hilary said...

Congrats on 100 posts. The ones I've read keep me coming back so you sure are doing it right/write. Looking forward to the next 100 and beyond.

Arkansas Patti said...

Congrats on the 100 milestone. They say those are the hardest but you never showed the strain.
I am so thrilled to almost personally know a best selling author. First day sell out, Wow. Way to go GQ.
Keep them coming youngster. I always look forward to my vist.

Sylvia K said...

Yes, let me add congratulations on the 100 milestone and I'm looking forward to the next 100! I've gotten so into photography that I don't write as much as I did before, but then I don't have a lot of wisdom to impart anyway!! I do love sharing the beauty of this area we live in! I just posted number 1008! Wow! even for someone with a big mouth, that's a lot!! Have a great weekend, my friend, and enjoy!


Ashley said...

You chose such a lovely topic for your 100th Post Grayquill. I hope you finish that book of yours. And I hope we get to read it. I hope that we get to see another 100 posts from you this year!
Cheers :)

Betty said...

Happy Blogiversary. I love to write, too, and I am always astonished when people comment on my blog. I always enjoy reading your blog, and look forward to reading your next 100.

Grayquill said...

Asif: Thank you! Very nice.

Karthik: I can tell you love to write the excitement rolls off you. BTW - Thanks. Cheerios, Wheaties :)

Hilary: Cute comment –HA. I feel honored – thanks for reading.

Arkansas Patti: Yip – pretty gosh darn cool. I now like you a whole lot more – I haven’t been called a youngster for some time.

Sylvia: 1008 gee, you are maniac of tenacity – FYI you do a bit to good of a job showing off the beauty – your pictures are great!

Ashley: I’ll do my best – thanks for your encouragement, you are for sure a master.

Betty: Making up words again? :) Thank you for your kind words. You are appreciated! I’ll keep writing if you do.

Anita Jeyan said...

You hit a century at blogging..!!! May you hit one in your age too..!!

S. Susan Deborah said...

Dear Grayquill:

First: Happy that you sustained this till the 100th. Congrats.

Second: Please do complete the book. If the blog posts are so well-written then I can imagine your book. I don't know if I will get to read it but my good wishes and thoughts of positivity will always flow for you.

Keep writing and we will continue reading.

Joy always,

Pat said...

My only regret is that I wasn't here from day one.
The blogs that bring me back are those written from the yours are. You have a knack of writing as though you are talking to a friend while sitting in a rocker on the front porch sipping an ice tea, and our comments we leave are from us sitting in that rocker next to you. That's a pretty special writer.
Congrats on your 1OOth post! I can't wait for the next 1OO!

Gianetta said...

Congratulations on your 100th! Keep writing.

Grayquill said...

Anita: Gee, that is a scary thought. Please add to your wish the lucid and healthy part. Thanks :)

Susan Deborah: Thank you for the best wishes and thoughts – I’ll take prayers too btw. Thank you for your great comment!

Pat: Well how nice is that! You are my new best friend :) Did my wife pay you to say such nice things? Thank YOU!! You are appreciated – I can always depend on an encouraging word from you. You are the best!

MA Fat Woman: I wish you would change your name – it rankles me more than a bit to refer to any woman when the word fat is in the same vicinity. Thank you for your kind comment.

Lucy said...

Thanks for stopping by today. I'm always so excited when somebody new comes to look. Congrats on your 100th post and my first comment for you!

Tall Guy said...

Congrats on the 100th post.

Keep Writing

LadyFi said...

With a great attitude like this, your next 100 can only get better!

Well done you!

Arlee Bird said...

Congratulations on your 100th post. I kind of missed mine because I was just letting my posts post away automatically while I was on Christmas holiday. I knew that 100 was coming, but I couldn't figure out when so what the heck.

I paid a little more attention to my 100th follower which came last week. I was shooting for 100 by the end of 2009 but it came a few days late. Better late than never.

Know what you mean about writing when you're in pain. Depression has often inspired my writing spates in the past. I started blogging last September not so much because I was blue, but because I was unemployed and maybe soon to be broke. I heard that you could make a ton of money with a blog by having advertising on it. Have seen an ad, nor a cent yet, but I became a crazed blogger obsessed to blog every day since I started. If I was getting paid to write my blog I could be making a fortune, but so far not a cent, just nice comments from readers. Still waiting for that scathing comment that really irks me.

Enjoyed finding your blog. Hope you'll check me out too. I could use a few more male followers-- got a lot of nice ladies already. I guess you haven't been pushing it like I have, but I'll add my name to your list to help put you on your way to gaining 100 followers. Tomorrow (Monday 1/11) I will be posting my argument for trying to gain followers becauae one of my readers challenged me about it (but he challenged me in a real nice way). Hope to hear from you.

Grayquill said...

Lucy and Dick: Welcome – thank you!

Survivor: Will do my best – Thanks

LadyFi: Thank you so much

Arlee Bird: Thank you for the Congrats – Good Luck with that post

AngelMc said...

I am reading through your blog and really enjoying getting to know you. I understand the need to write. I just wish I could write well. But no matter what, it just feels could to get stuff out of my head and onto the modern day version of paper--a blog. Congrats on the 100 posts..and here's to many more.

Anonymous said...

If you are writing to touch hearts and arouse laughter you are doing great.
"have a tendency to be a bit jealous of those people, their words flow like a feather pushed along by a soft breeze skipping here and there smoothly, almost lyrical."
you will be certainly aspirig for that.

NIM said...

Awww..this one is a really sweet post... 100 posts! Congrats Gray!!! Keep being funny...

Grayquill said...

AngelMc: Thank you for stopping by – I appreciate you gracious comment.

Anonymous: Thank you – that is a very nice thing to say

Nim: Yahoo – thank you!

Michele Mallory-Davidson said...

Congratulations Grayquill!! 100 post, WOW!! I too wish I had been here since day one, I LOVE your blog and have missed you during my recent internet SNAFU!! You MUST keep writing and PLEASE, PLEASE do the book!! I bet your kid's loved their gift, I am sure they will hold it close! How neat to have such a piece of their father!
SO, SO happy to be back!!
Thank you for always being here!

riddhiculous said...

congrats for the century!! It was an enjoyable journey to so far. Also, the subject dwelled upon by almost every writer but dealt in a different way always.
i could completely relate to it. because i write when i am sad. what initially used to trigger off my writing was extremes. either too happy or too sad. So well sited.
way to go. i wish i get to read a hundred more and hope the quill never grays. :)

Grayquill said...

Michele: Thanks for the congrats. I always wondered how to spell snafu :) You are always way to kind in your comments to me. You are appreciated!

Riddhiculous: Thanks for the nice comment. The quill never grays HA – its already gray. Hmm.…What is after Gray? Something to ponder. Writing from extremes – what post do you do when you were to happy?– I want read it or re-read it. Thanks for stopping by.

Blunt Edges said...

100?!?!?! n do i need 2 say u are one of the coolest bloggers i know!

congrats gray-prolific-quill! :D

Grayquill said...

Ha ha ha - I give you the best compliment of the day award. Oh - it is the only compliment today and the only comment - opps.
Thanks! - you're the best!

Dianne said...

I love the image of you blogging along with hope sitting on your shoulder
that is a beautiful way to put it

Debra said...

If your book ever comes to light, I would like to buy the first copy. For real!

Debra said...

PS: Congrats on the 100th post!

Grayquill said...

Dianne: Thank you - I hope you are feeling well.

Debra: You are very kind. Thank you!

Holly Kay said...

Amazing. I'm trying to decide which of the 100 was my favorite. I can't decide. So many excellent stories and posts...Can't wait to read the next 100!