Monday, January 4, 2010

The Foolish Atheist

This is my effort in converting all you Atheists out there into being true believers.
Living in modern day 2010 is simply the best! With all our amazing technological advances around us, possibly the greatest advance of all is Garbage Day!
Upon arriving home tonight my first task was to roll my stuffed garbage can out to the street; a simple task that took a mere few minutes. Tomorrow, while I am at work, magic will happen, I will arrive home in the evening and shazam the garbage can will be empty. It doesn’t get much better than that. Even though this magic happens every week and I should be use to it, I am not. I find it a wonder that rain or shine, snow or sleet, my garbage can is empty every Tuesday when I get home.
Yeah sure, if I stopped paying the bill the wonder would stop but the bill is paid and tomorrow will be an awesome day. Oh… there are those times I forget what day it is and the tub doesn’t make it to the street but that just gives me hope that somewhere some scientist has had the same problem and is diligently working in his lab solving the dilemma. Heck within the next fifty years technology will probably have advanced to the point where I won’t even have to remember garbage day. That will be like being in heaven and of course in fifty years that is exactly where I will be – now that has to make a believer smile even on his worst day.
Mr. Blunt Edges, there you go, that ought to make a believer out of you, or not. HAH! Go ahead be stubborn take your garbage out for eternity.


Anonymous said...

So, your garbage is magically taken away every Tuesday! Good grief, man, that is some strong voodoo. Once a fortnight here, if we are lucky and the godesses workers are feeling ok, there is no public holiday and no-one has hurt their feeling by calling them 'bin men'. A weekly collection, eh? That might just be enough to persuade me from my rushing descent into hell.

Anita Jeyan said...

this one is a post exclusively dedicated to Blunt Edges..and I loved it too..!! hehe

Arkansas Patti said...

Oh dear, I must live in a Godless county. I have to put my garbage in contractor bags, fill the back of my vehicle and haul them 15 miles to the landfill myself and throw them into a pit. Somehow that God provided the land for the landfill is good enough for me. You really must be a good man to have yours hauled off.

S. Susan Deborah said...

Amen to that first line and the last as well. Blunt edges is getting good (read free) publicity. Praise the Lord.

Joy always,

Blunt Edges said...

hahaha...i knew i was the target the moment i saw the title on my blogroll! ;)

u sure are doing a great job of making me famous buddy! :D

Pat said...

There are no atheists in foxholes. I just made that up. OK, so maybe I didn't, but if someone hadn't already said it, I would have.

Asif said...

Ha Ha Ha...After going through your post along with the bonus(comments), i'm getting some devilish thoughts. ;)

LadyFi said...

LOL! We have to carry our rubbish down the street and put it into our collective rubbish house. The miracle occurs there - as every Friday, those overflowing bins are miraculously empty again! ;-)

Amrita said...

Don 't make me comment on the garbage disposal in India.
If it exsists.

Ashley said...

Awesome!!! Loved this post!
Seriously what bigger proof could there be of the existence of God??? :)

I happen to live in India and we do have a Garbage Disposal system, were I am located. It comes to our doorstep and makes the garbage vanish every day of the week, except Thursays. And during special occasions it comes on Thursday and takes an off on the following Sunday!

Now that I think about it, I think my faith in God has increased!!! :D

Ashley said...

And Grayquill, I don't think you noticed but I had tagged you with the exact same tag...Doesn't that mean that you owe us "14 things no one knows about you" instead of just 7? :p

Debra said...

There are a number of miracles that happen everyday...we just need the "eyes" to see them. Oh that I might have better eyesight!

Grayquill said...

Moannie: HA HA – We all hate our garbage and R very glad when it is gone.

Anita: I am glad you liked it – I was in a bit of a mood :)

Arkansas Patti: I have it better than I thought. Don’t mention land fill to loud the rabid demonic Seattle environmentalists might descend on Arkansas and that won’t be pretty.

Susan Deborah: Smile

Blunt Edges: You mean this was only worth three Ha’s? I thought the randomness made it worth at least 5.
Send me your autograph oh famous one.
Thanks for providing me some content!

Pat: Can an Atheist actually fit into a fox hole? I could at this point make a sarcastic comment about either big butts or big heads but that would just be mean.

Asif: Do these thoughts come with a long red tail? :)

LadyFi: I hope your street isn’t to long and your rubbish isn’t to large. No lady should be carrying garbage at least very far, it could crack a poor girls nails.

Amrita: No comment is required. I am sorry.

Ashley: FYI I never said it was proof of God – it could just be that Blunt Edges has a dirty room and his mother called me and asked if I could do something about getting him to clean it.

Ashley: I thought we liked each other – you want me to hate you also? :)

Debra: Ditto! Good comment.

Ashley said...

LOL! Yes. Blunt Edges does have a dirty room. I mean look at his profile pic: Calvin!
You came through for his mum. Your good deed for the year 2010 is done I guess... :)

And yes. Hate me if you will. I don't care as long as I get to know stuff about people. Curious little me! :p

Asif said...

Hmmm you are making me get more and more interested in your blogposts as you write so well about our feelings and views.
Ha ha ha Red tail? No this time you are wrong because I saw some yellow coloured thoughts along with your post. By the way unlike most pigeon fanciers I love red tailed ones. Ohh… how I wish I could have a red tailed friend.
On my devilish thoughts…
[Frankly and personally, I don’t want to comment about the presence or absence of god coz it is completely out of my scope :)]
Yes we all have hopes in our lives…
You were hoping for some SCIENTIST (god) to come up with some idea to remove the dirt from our lives. Where, I was hoping to come up with a secure idea of dumping my garbage into my friend’s dustbin (Just to escape the work of going out and throwing it in the apartment dustbin and later informing him about it and teasing him. Ahh so much fun !!!).

I’m able to see so many good people flocking at your blog. And you know about my devilish Homer-Fancier mind- isn’t it?