Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Cool Optimist

I am basically an optimist. I tell people that all the time. I might quip, ”You know, I sure am one positive fellow. Don’t you agree?” Hmmm…that single raised eyebrow, how do people do that? I think it looks really cool and I have stood in front the mirror for hours working on that raised eyebrow thing.
I also love the wink, but hours of practicing the wink have produced almost zero fruit. If I hold my right eye open with my fingers and then attempt to close my eyes. That is about my best wink.
Not being able to wink has hurt me during negotiations. One wink - go lower, two winks - ask for more services, three winks…., I don’t really remember what three winks means, besides I could never wink anyway.
Not being able to wink and make a little child feel creeped out, has never been my worry. Although there was that one time I forgot I couldn’t wink and I tried to wink at that little kid in Macdonald’s. He started crying right off and ran to his mother. The mother and the little one talked in hushed tones and that day I learned a new look. I am not sure what it meant but I thought it looked cool. I went right into the bathroom and gave it a try. Press the lips tight, squint the eyes shut just a bit – dang! I will have to try this one at home, this mirror is making my face not look cool at all. I hate Macdonald’s mirrors!
There is one look I am getting down pretty gosh darn good. I am not sure where it is on the cool factor but I think in time, most people will think it makes me look really cool. I would tell you what it is but I am kind of afraid everyone will start doing it, and I really like the idea of having my own cool look. So, if you don’t mind I won’t share it. But, if you see a really cool guy in Seattle, it is probably me. Go up and say, “Are you that really cool guy, Grayquill?”
If you find out it’s me, we will get a chance to talk a bit. But, if he says, no, hand him a card with my blog address on it – I would like a few more readers.
Is there a lesson here? Absolutely! Why wouldn’t there be? “If you are cool, run with it, but be careful not to poke your eye out.”


Sylvia K said...

You're in great form today! Always enjoy your posts anyway, but I got a big grin from this one! Hope you have a great weekend -- the sun is shining, better take advantage of it!!


Unknown said...

I still to this day have no idea the definition of a cool person. (Cool for me is either low temperature or the equivalent of 'ok').

I can wink. But I didn't the whole of last year. What to wink for at school?

I did a lot of squinting and glaring though. That count as cool?

Only the Cool Grayquill knows... :)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...Choco in Seattle.
Enjoying the scenic beauty of the place that till date she has only seen in some blog...Hops into 3rd Avenue, Macdonalds...Heck what is the point of being in the US and not hopping into Macdonalds she had rued. And then she sees this really big guy..With a scary mustache and a mean mouth...Squinting at her...With the ‘You wanna piece of me???’ look.
She smiles at him.
He snarls “I am optimistic that if you are cool I will be careful not to poke your eye out. Now run with it.”
Grayquill starts to write a post on how people thank him for his little speeches on optimism by handing him their donut before running away..But ends up talking about fishing instead. :D

PS: So can’t do the single raised eyebrow thing. Have been trying since I was a child! :| Can wink pretty well though! :)

Betty said...

I can't do the raised eyebrow thing, either, but I CAN wiggle my nose and my ears. Think I could get on America's Got Talent?

Anita Jeyan said...

Yo're always cool Grayquill! Forget the kid at Mc Donalds! when he grows up he'll know !

NIM said...

i can do the 1 raised eyebrow thing and wink! so that makes me cool? :P
i think ur blog makes u cool :D

Hilary said...

I've never been able to raise the one eyebrow either but I can wink with the best of them. ;)

Arkansas Patti said...

Hay don't feel badly. The Fonz would scare most kids.
I saw Clark Gable do that one eyebrow thing when I was a child and almost strained a forehead muscle trying to duplicate.
Fun post GQ.

Debra said...

While making a 2 hour drive alone, with 3 of my grandchildren, in the pitch black darkness of night, listening to the "Blind Boys of Alabama" at full volumne, my grandson turned to me and said these words, "Memaw, your cool". I nearly wrecked the car! :)

Vyazz said...

Well, I though I can wink, I could never whistle or snap my fingers. While there was never any pressing need to whistle, I sure missed snapping my fingers to act all important, or groove to some catchy tunes. Think I have really soft digits.
Newayz ur post made a good read!!! Will be back for more!!! :)

Blunt Edges said...

can raise my right eyebrow...though can't make the same claim for the left one!

anyways the one eyebrow thing is enough to establish that i'm cooler than please admit the same in writing :P

Anonymous said...

And Grayquill has stopped replying to comments now... :p

Grayquill said...

One and all – I apologize for how long it has taken me to get back to following up on the comments. – I have an excuse but I won’t bore you with it.

Sylvia K: Thanks for stopping by – Today the rain is back – As a friend said, I am so glad the rain is back that long drought on Tuesday was awful. :)

Shadowthorne: Cool is kind of like being groovy.

Choco: Hmmm…you sure do get around. I thought it was a bit uncanny how the donuts got into the story because a donut shop is almost my favorite hangout – well, it use to be.
Pretty cleaver you are……. and you gave me a full belly laugh.
Thanks for not running away.

Betty: Your still young keep practicing. I believe in you. Now for the nose wiggle thing…would Samantha approve? I think if you have down the nose wiggle then of course you have magical powers and getting on America’s Got Talent should be a slam dunk. But if I see you one America’s got Talent I am telling Darren on you.

Anita: Thank you – someone who believes in me – finally :)

Nim: That not only makes you cool but it makes you cool two times over because you can do both.

Hilary: I guess since you can only wink that places you in the 50 percentile in the cool factor. Although you did raise an amazing son – I guess that gives you extra bonus points and allows you to be inducted into the GQ cool club. Make sure you memorize the secret password.

Arkansas Patti: Thanks Patti – Clark Cable – he was the poster boy for cool of course, then as he approached the un-cool age of sixty he could not take being un-cool and died.

Debra: You must be major cool – unless of course you paid off your grandson for the complement.

Vyazz: I hope to see you again. The whistle thing is important only if you ever have a dog.

Blunt Edges: I will concede you are cooler than me but then that could still mean you are a total nerd.

Choco: I did respond to comments a few days back but I am just to uncool to make sure I hit submit enough times so that my responses would actually show up – Thanks the reprimand – mom. :)