Thursday, November 5, 2009

Where are GQ's Glasses?

Have you ever been the brunt of your own joke?
The client and Grayquill were standing at the counter working out some business. The client was a rough looking character, the owner of a small construction company. He had just come off the job site. His wild hair flew out in all directions, mud flakes scattered the bottom half of his blue jeans, his boot laces hung carelessly, his wide unshaved jaw jutted out with purpose.
Lying on the counter as usual were Grayquill’s glasses. Grayquill didn’t really need glasses but at the time he had them supposedly to alleviate headaches that came and went as often as his glasses were misplaced. Grayquill would go days without his glasses and sure enough if he was patient they would show up again. Of course somewhere along the line they were misplaced a bit too well and Grayquill has been without glasses for going on twenty-five plus years – hmmm…I wonder if that has anything to do with his accidents?
On this particular day, Ted, Grayquill’s brother in law, decided to fluff his feathers and play a great joke on Grayquill. He made some pathetic excuse to go up to the counter next to Grayquill and in a sly manner slipped the glasses away. To the back room he went where a red felt pen became the instrument of evil in Ted’s hand. He inked a swirl on one lens and then a backwards ‘Hi’ on the other.
Ted then maneuvered the glasses back to the counter where he had originally found them. Unable to contain his glee he glanced at Grayquill. Grayquill turned and met Ted’s eyes. Ted was real cool he did not even flinch when he notice Grayquill peering at him though a pair of glasses.
Ted being above average intelligence instantly realized his error. The glasses he defaced had to be the clients, oops! (Hey Ted… brilliant deduction you’re brighter than I thought you were…sorry for that outburst I just couldn’t help myself; I will go back to being the author now.) I gotta give Ted credit he didn’t panic. He simple repeated his ruse and retrieved the glasses one more time and this time into the back room he scurried intent and focused on a quick glasses cleaning. He accomplished this with limited success. You see the lenses were plastic and the marker was permenant. A print shop has a plethora of chemicals and so he removed the ink in quick order. The problem a slight imprint like a watermark was left on the lense. The image could be seen oh so slightly when you held the glasses up to the light.
Ted figured he could do no better and not wanting to have the dumplings kicked out of him by a two person gang of Grayquill and customer. He returned the glasses efficiently with no one being the wiser.
Ted still had a belly laugh telling Grayquill the story. Grayquill didn’t laugh at first and then latter he did allow a small chuckle to slip out but he did not allow Ted the pleasure of seeing said chuckle.
Is there a lesson here? Not really but if any of you find GQ’s glasses he would like them back.


Hilary said...

What a blunder.. a true spectacle. ;)

Pat said...

Oh, that's priceless! I would have loved to been a fly on the wall to witness that little goof!
What makes it extremely funny to me, is that it's something I could see myself doing...then GQ would be snickering at me!

Debra said...

Sorta reminded me of the time, I put on my glasses and started talking to my boss. I felt like I was looking cross eyed. It took me several minutes to figure out one of my lenses had fallen out. I felt kinda dumb like! My boss never said a word...I mean for goodness sake, couldn't she SEE I was missing something?

Funny story GQ, I enjoyed it!

Grayquill said...

Hilary: True Spectacle - Ha Ha...good one.

Pat: You are constant joker? Hmmm...I feel sorry for you husband - kidding. I do hope husband can dish it back out.

Debra: That would be a bit embarassing - maybe she was self absorbed and didn't even notice.

Blunt Edges said...

damn! i was hoping the customer would catch ted red-handed! (lets have some action :D)

Ashley said...

I agree with Blunt Edges...No one was the wiser here! Miss the action...**I wonder if that customer writes a blog too**... :|

Grayquill said...

Blunt Edges and Ashley: the truth is often so dull - I am so sorry for telling the dull truth. You are both right embellishing the story would have been much better.
I am running out of stories, I am afraid my blog maybe coming to an end, unless I can find new life somewhere.

Ashley said...

Grayquill, please don't scare me like that.

You have a perfectly hilarious, ridiculously simple, yet amazingly interesting and wonderful *knock wood* life...And we love to read about it, here on your blog. I say "we" cause I am sure others will agree with me on this one.

So please do not give threats about the blog coming to an end.

Arkansas Patti said...

I wonder how many eye doctors the client went to trying to get that water mark off his vision.
Very funny and don't you dare even think of quitting. Trust me, as soon as you think the well is dry, something else will come to mind. Our kind just has too much to say.

Grayquill said...

Ashley: I am not ready to throw in the towel yet but I am scrapping the bottom of the porridge pot. I have other stories but they are even boring to me.

Arkansas Patti: My mom always did say I talked to much.
Okay, I will trust you that something new will come to mind.

Anita Jeyan said...

haha.. Ted is really cool..! (Apart from being brilliant) :) A real funny incident :)

Jen said...

Haha that is something that would happen to my dad!! Always the jokester but always messing it up!! Thanks for the comment on my blog recently!! I am now following you so I can keep up with more of your silly stories!! Yay!!!

troutbirder said...

Brother In Laws can be a menace... not doubt. I've been running low myself. I think just keep busy and to be politically correct... stuff happens.

riddhiculous said...

spectac-ular I know it has been used similarly.. hehe anyhow I liked the pun intended on the accidents and the specs//
Ted surely is naughty
And I form the part of WE for ashley.. Comeon your quill can never 'grey'out.. u have to go on... We shall wait..

Grayquill said...

Anita: Ted is brilliant and fun to work with

Jen: I am looking for in getting to know you. Your dad sounds like a fun guy

Troutbirder: You politically correct? Ha I am just getting to know you but somehow I think troutbirder swims against the current

Riddhiculuos: Cleaver you are - Thanks for adding a extra spice to my blog!