Sunday, December 6, 2009

Bright Side of Blogging

I had a new insight this morning about the bright side of blogging. I find I like what I write a whole lot more than most, and why wouldn’t I? After all think about it – who can write to my level better than myself? Probably no one. If I write a joke, I totally get it. In fact it is very possible I will have a full 100% belly laugh over it.
My wife laughs at me sometimes, she says, “you think you are so funny.” She says she doesn’t know anyone who can entertain himself better. I could get a bit cranky from a comment like that or on the other hand I might view it as a compliment; see how good I am at avoiding conflict?
After all why should she get my jokes – first off she’s a woman and that creates the first barrier; second she is a brainiac – barrier number 2; third she doesn’t get to spin around in my head and have all my thoughts – thus we now have barrier number 3. Gee I am beginning to wonder how we get along at all. I guess this will have to remain one of life’s mysteries, and one of those things that are just better to accept. I am finding more and more of these things as I get older. D’OH!
Speaking of getting older, there is another benefit to writing stuff down. At some point I will probably forget everything I have written. That might be okay since then I will be able to begin reading my old writings, they will all seem like brand new material – now that’s a bonus. See??? You didn’t think of that did you? Pretty cool even if I do say myself.
Well that’s all I got but it is something to think about. Just so you know I had two great belly laughs from these 322 words. I bet you didn’t – HA! My point is proven.


S. Susan Deborah said...

My God! That is great. Actually reading your post and laughing. I do it most of the time. I guess its nothing with age, its just a case of 'falling in love' with oneself.

Joy always to you,

Sylvia K said...

Have to echo what Susan has written. Aging can be a pain in the butt, or you can laugh and "fall in love with yourself", and I have. And at my age that is a real blessing. And, yes, much joy and laughter to you.


Debra said...

That thing about memory... I've actually watched an entire movie, enjoying it and then at the very end, remember I had seen it once before!

I'm laughing but it does scare me a little.

Always enjoy your post!

Arkansas Patti said...

My belly might not have giggled but you always amuse.I am so glad you like yourself as much as we do.
People ask me how I can live alone and I tell them it is because I really enjoy my own company.
Liked your reason for blogging as a memory saver. What is scary is when you struggle to think, have I posted this before? Thank God for achives.
Hadn't thought about enjoying the reruns. Good times are still ahead?

Tall Guy said...

Too Good!! :)

Rose said...

Lol oh my I am scared...I so relate to this.

Karthik said...

When was the last time I read your blog with a serious look on my face? Well, I really don't remember. It's always a pleasure reading your posts. This one is not an exception either. :-)
And I agree with you totally. One should be able to enjoy his own company first.

Anita Jeyan said... does the fact that she is a woman be a barrier in understanding jokes..? GRRR.. yes.. thats a good advantage of blogging that u have mentioned..! It would be nice to read them years later, when memory fails, and feel good about myself..!

Grayquill said...

Susan Deborah: I am just trying to spread the joy.
I see you now have a new appreciation for you writing – ahhhh…. :)

Sylvia K: Aging can be a pain in the butt, literally (so I have heard) – you are always the teacher, thank you for adding another great comment.

Debra: If we start greeting each other in our comments like we are strangers – I think then we will need to worry. If I notice this happening I will warn you, as long as you agree to warm me also.

Arkansas Patti: Good times are still ahead – YES! I won’t admit it, that I have had to look back to see if I posted something.

The Survivor: Thanks!

Rose: Sorry for scaring you! :)

Karthik: Thank you – you are a great encourager!!!

Grayquill said...

Anita: How is being a woman a barrier? It is not a criticism it is just the way it is :)

Anita Jeyan said...


S. Susan Deborah said...


More joy,

Blunt Edges said...

i sure as hell hope u continue writing regularly and i sure as hell also hope the mrs reads this ;)

Grayquill said...

Anita: I can see an intervention is necessary. I have some really bad news and you are probably going to hate it. But regardless of how much you hate it, that will not change what is true.
Before I break your heart – I will give you something to feel good about. The love a man has for his woman brings a fullness and completeness to his life. He knows when she is beside him his world is in order and regardless of what comes his way, with her there, all trails are straight and life is as it should be.
It is now time for the tears. Are you ready? Do you have good supply of Kleenex or tissue close by? You are going to need it.
The painful harsh truth is, men think much different than women and what the man finds funny a woman will never fully appreciate. Nor does she understand fully why he would think certain things are funny at all; in fact many times she will be disgusted by his humor I am not saying men and women will never find the same things funny; for certainly that happens. But there are some things only another man can understand. This is not a wedge in the relationship between the man and the woman it is just part of the mystiqueness between maleness and femininity.
I hope this helps! :)

Susan Deborah: Help out Anita – I am not doing so good.

Blunt Edges: Well I am pretty sure hell is real – thanks!

Chatterbox said...

what a wonderful thought.
At times it happens with me as well. I have a hearty laugh while writing a post and so many of my blog's visitors leave comments asking for a clarification.

At times like these, I actually think on the lines you thought about in this post.

It's my first visit to your blog and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Keep up the good work.