Monday, May 18, 2009

Paint the Fence

Being able to push my laptop far enough away so that I can see the screen clearly has been a bonus. I gotta tell you, I am a little cranky right at this minute. I just noticed that even at my farthest reach the text is still a little fuzzy. Grrrrrrrrrr. Where are those $#^@ reading glasses.
Years ago I had a great friend, Ed, who died of Parkinson’s disease. He used to say, “Getting old isn’t for sissies.” Well my complaining about the fuzzy screen I know doesn’t compare to Ed and what he struggled with and that wasn’t my intent. But it reminded me of Ed and I thought I would tell you what he said. Gee that was a lot of work – we wouldn’t want to be misunderstood would we.
What is it about us humans who try so hard to please everyone? Sure we talk tough –“You can’t please everyone so don’t try.” That sounds good but reality – I know you are just like me and want to please everyone all the time.
The extent we go to please.... My first thought was women and their makeup. Thank you for wanting to please! Surely, you have heard the term, “If the fence needs painting, paint it.” Now men are for the most part just plain ugly and every time I see a pretty man it kind of creeps me out. First off it really bothers me that I might think of a man as pretty – that is just wrong.
Now back to the fence. Years ago I had a young woman working for me. She had a production job and looking good was not a priority, at least to her. I never saw make up on that girl for a long time. And, honestly I felt sorry for her because I thought she was so homely. When she would walk through the door in the morning the paint on the wall would crack in horror. Sometime later I hired a press operator who began paying attention to her. How that happen still keeps me up at night.
Shock – the next morning her hair wasn’t doing those contortions but hung straight. Could she have combed it? Later in the week – is that eye liner? And her face looks so smooth, what happened to those huge back heads on her nose? Hmmm….magic. Look! Lipstick, not bright red but a soft easy pink. I began to see inklings of beauty.
Then a week later at the end of the day she came out of the bathroom dressed in a black tight skirt, high heels and full makeup. I think the press man was taking her out somewhere. I had to do a double take. Was that her? I think it is, but this girl is pretty. That day I learned the value of makeup and the saying if the fence needs painting, paint it.
Well, that’ all I got – No that’s not true. Yes it is. Who are you talking to? D’OH!

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