Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cooking or Meal Preparation

Lately I have been cooking more for myself – Oh excuse me did I say cooking? I mean't meal preparation. I was corrected a while back when I was describing a certain dish that I was “cooking” to a lady at church. As I was going though the ingredients and all the steps, I mentioned that I added a can of enchilada sauce. And that is where it happened, “Excuse me” she interrupted “that is not cooking, that is meal preparation. Anything that comes out of a can is meal preparation”. Huh…and all this time I thought those great dishes my wife was serving me, was good old fashion great cooking. And, it was nothing more than meal preparation? – that kind of ruined my day. People have come from far and wide to partake in my wife’s meal preparation. Well I’ll tell you right now, I know what’s good for me and I am not spreading that rumor.
A favorite meal preparation dish I have used in the past you might want to add to your meal planning repertoire. I think you will like it. Just in case you’re suspicious, I cooked this up one night for two Japanese exchange students that were living with us. I told them it was regular American cooking. They loved it. Of course anything I did in the kitchen was a marvel to them. This dish, even I would not classify as cooking; it might not even be classified as meal preparation. Although we all ate it and it was satisfying.
Ready? Got your paper and pencil ready? Are you excited? This could change your life.
Take a bunch of flour tortillas roll them up with cheese in the middle – let you imagination go wild, use some goat cheese if you got it.
Placed them in a baking dish – What kind? I don’t care. Whatever you have.
Dump a can or two of chili on top of the tortillas. You’re done.
Oh yeah… you can eat cold or if you prefer hot - heat at 350 degrees for a while. If you really want to make your guests think they are receiving fine dining, add a bunch of black olives on top.
Just a side note and this might ruin it for you. But stay tough minded and it will be fine. When you open a can of chili do ever feel like you are eating dog food? I am not sure if it is the smell or the can size or what but it isn’t a great thought. I know as a kid I ate dog food for a snack quite often. Of course it was always dry dog food, you know the crunchy kind. I don’t really remember its taste much but it was always handy.
After you try this dish let me know how your family liked it.

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