Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Traveling Along

Across the Mountains


and it was cold







Weight gain 6lbs - Ouch!


Hilary said...

Oh that looks like you had a fun albeit cold time. Great photos. I felt like I was shivering right along with you.

Anonymous said...

Wow! The first pic is my fav! :)
Looks like you had fun!

PS: Who is the man with the great big mustache and the dark glasses???

Tall Guy said...

Nice pics!!

Seem to have a great time, so how good was the fish? :)

Anita Jeyan said...

I loved the last 2 pics... Havin gr8 fun, aren't u?

NIM said...

awesome pictures Gray...Fishing trips must be so peaceful...Loved the first pic and the one with the long reeds :)

Blunt Edges said...

wonderful...screw the extra pounds

Amrita said...

Wow the pictures tell the story

Arkansas Patti said...

Really, really neat pictures. Female in me honed in on the babies. Outside of the oold, it looks like the perfect trip. Fishing is such a lovely productive sounding word for doing nothing.

Grayquill said...

Hilary: It was cold but then got warm – all nice. I thought you might like the photos – I am still hoping to get a real camera.

Choco: When I go fishing a disguise is required because without a disguise the fish are always on the lookout for “The Great Fish Slayer.”My reputation swims ahead of me from days gone by before catch and release fit my MO.
Of by the way it personally think the mustache is only medium.

The Survivor: The fish was excellent – eaten very fresh.

Anita: Fun is over and back to work, although work is pretty fun… :O

NIM: Peaceful is a great description of being on a desert lake, a slight breeze causing glimmering ripples, the bird life being magical in song and flight, no demands or questions to be answered…a lake is my best guess of how the Garden of Eden might have looked.

Blunt Edges: The pounds are gone. I think they knew they were only visiting.

Amrita: Ya think?

Arkansas Patti: Hey…I worked at hard every single day! The eyesight is less and the hooks are smaller and the line is practically invisible – all that makes tying up gear really hard work. said...

Lovely fotos !! How many fish did u catch?

Pat said...

Pound watching is only to be done at home. At least that's what I tell myself. Any way, I thought fish wasn't fattening.
Great pictures, where were they taken?

Grayquill said... Who really counts when fishing for a week - I know the number was less than I had hoped for. My best day was around 12 fish netted. Thanks for stopping by.

Pat: The lake is Dry Falls in Eastern Washington. I will remember the pound counting rule – Thanks.

Debra said...

Great pictures! Looks like you had a great time and a very successful trip! Welcome back!

Chandrika Shubham said...

Long reeds look awesome! :)