Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Depraved Troll

Sometimes we have more than normal unproductive time on our hands. A while back I found a new past time and like most past times it ran its course and became something I did for a bit.
This particular boredom alleviator is something less than, how do you say it? Well, let's just say it was less than above reproach.
My son explained to me how Yahoo Answers works and I found it to be quite entertaining. I'll give you my best-worst example of the depravity of my experience engaging in Yahoo Answers. It was the best because 41 people answered it lickety split – like in maybe 10 minutes. The worst because it was spawned straight out of my depraved nature. You see it was the challenge. A challenge in asking a question that I had not even the slightest interest in the actual answer. But, I had a great interest in evoking the greatest degree of emotional and/or angry response that could be mustered out the responders. It was really quite challenging but for sure not very Christian.
Very Christian? That's a good one Grayquill - it wasn't Christian at all - tap your helmet.
Hey, whoever you are get out of here this is my blog.
Where was I or yeah, I was in the Political section and I asked this question: "Do you think liberals are mostly young people who don't really get it yet? I have often wondered why liberals seem to be so simplistic in their thinking. Is it because they have not had enough life experience to really gain much wisdom?"
Well, this question hit it out of the park. I was rewarded with several near belly laughs from the anger spewing back at me through the screen. It was a little more fun than it should have been. But then that great fun lead me to the even more rabid readers, the Atheists, in the religion section. I will leave you in suspense on this one but I will say a good Christian reprimanded me and told me to stop it and that I should be nicer. FYI I have been nicer since my shaming.
What would a shrink say about my morbid pleasure seeking behavior? I probably don’t really want to know. I am sure it would have something to do with a great gulf left in my soul from some horrible childhood experience. The problem my childhood was pretty darn good. But if we could come up with some tragic childhood break in my development; then it could be accepted that it was really not my fault that I committed these depraved acts. But, then of course I would probably have to become a Democrat and join the nothing is my fault club.
I leave it to my readers to do the proper shaming and dish out the correct diagnosis.
I know I was bad – I’m sorry. D’OH!


Anonymous said...

Bad Grayquill...
I am pressed for time but this post was just too good to not stop and comment....

If you want entertainment out of comments (translate)tiffs :) worries..cause I am here with help...You can get it at other places also...for example if you were to go to this site-
I found it quite recently...and diss cats...can you imagine the verbal lashing you would receive??? :P

Oh and do send me the link if you do...I would love to join the mob..heheh

Blunt Edges said... wat was the word??? ***looks into space...scratches head*** it..."SADIST"! :P

but then it does look like fun...might as well try it out ;)

Anonymous said...

LOL!! Some use for unproductive time!! Your kids should watch what they teach you!! ;-) BTW, I too enjoy nudging fanatics alive and watch all the fun!! Aren't we evil? ;-D

Betty said...

Every now and then, I try a post that I think will bring some dissenting opinions, but even then, my commenters are all too polite to say anything truly insulting. Even you, although I suspect we probably don't agree on much of anything, politically at least, are nice, i.e. asking "Have you lost your mind?")rather than accusing me of it, ("You're out of your ever-lovin' mind, lady!") I always appreciate a good debate as long as everyone remains civil and, maybe, with a little humor.

Dianne said...

this reminds me of the stories my uncle would tell - he was one of the first to join the union on the docks of NYC
he told stories of the "rable rousers" - "the trouble makers" - the ones who would come to the bars near the docks and start conversations and then trash the union

these guys made a fortune
at least until my uncle knocked their blocks off

for demographic purposes only
I am an old liberal. I have more experience than I care to recall. I think I'm pretty wise. I'm patriotic and work hard and take responsibility for more than my share.

just sayin' :)

Grayquill said...

Choco: I went to the site but I got scared and had to leave right away. It said, “Where cats and felines rule the world.” My heart started racing, my hands got all sweaty, and my mouth went dry. I just couldn’t take it, I had to leave. I think that site would give me more trouble than I could handle if I antagonized anyone on that cat site. Have you ever looked at the damage a cat can do with just one swat? It is really not good and the infections from a cat scratch? - the worse. Nope not me!

Blunt edges: Sadist? Huh..who woulda thunk. Be careful trying out the Yahoo answers, I don’t want to be responsible for some wacko coming after you.But, does that mean you are a sadist? – takes one to know one, and all that?

Thethoughtfultrain: blunt edges says were sadists – at least I know I am in good company. Evil??? Yeah probably, at least now and then.

Betty: Thank you – a gracious liberal, how refreshing. I knew there was a God. You are way to nice to me. Just so you know I don’t think there is any political hill I will die on. I really know very little about the whole mess. All I know, man screws it up regardless of the party. Thank you for your nice words.

Dianne: FYI most of what I say should be ignored – I love tease way to much, just ask my mom, or my wife, or my kids, or my 50 year old little sister. I have read your blog and – pretty wise? Yeah, I’d give you that. Thanks for spouting back – I loved your comment. Your dad reminded me of something I said to a friend after this horrible deed. “It is amazing how much courage I have when I am anonymous.” I would never do something like that in real life. I would afraid of meeting your father :)

Michele Mallory-Davidson said...

I have been a neglectful blog reader as of late, but I am back! So glad I am, this post was far too entertaining!! I was rolling, even though my family calls me a bleeding heart liberal! Though I prefer not to classify myself under "political" terms, none really seem to fit.
~Michele from By Your Side

Grayquill said...

Michele: You're back YES! A bleeding heart liberal huh...Well I make Rush Limbaugh look like a communist. I hope you won't hold that aganist me. I am glad your back.

Tall Guy said...

Yeah I happen to spend my unproductive time on answering question on Yahoo answers which comes to a full stop.

I too have met such people online who seem too blinded by their cause and this was not about religion but a gender war!!

Grayquill said...

The Survivor: I need the gender war - explained. Sorry for being so dense.

Dianne said...

I won't ignore what you say Roadquill
I think you're delightful
whether it be teasing or how you really feel

a favorite quote of mine is
"I never learned anything from someone I agreed with"

I want to say Einstein said it but then I think it was Eleanor Roosevelt

Lord knows! it was probably Kermit ;)