Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mow Your Own Grass

One of the chief disappointments a man has to face when his kids grow up and leave home – he once again has to mow his own grass.
What can be said about this? Can’t think of much, except, get up off that chair and go mow the grass. D’OH! There are a few benefits,such as when I sharpen my lawn mower blade it stays pretty sharp all season, and my lawnmower gets the oil checked with each use – I guess that is a bonus.
My old lawn mower, I bought five or eight years ago at a garage sale for $25.00. The outside cage is now beginning to rust through, the right rear wheel is about to fall off, but the little rascal starts always on the first pull. In fact all my gas powered implements start easily. I discovered the secret a few years back. You would like me to share this secret with you, wouldn’t you? I might, we will have to see how charitable I am feeling toward the end of this writing.
If my nephew had known this secret, I might not have read on his Facebook page how he had three lawn mowers in his shed that did not run. He is a pastor – hasn’t he read the scripture verse, “For the lack of knowledge the lawnmowers perish?” Well, I think he should memorize that bit of scripture.
Enough about nephews – let’s talk garage sales. Spring is here and that means garage sales are beginning to bloom. I bet in a few weeks, I will be able to find two or three good used lawn mowers for sale within a five mile radius. Considering inflation I guess I should expect to pay $35.00, regardless my limit is $50.00, and I won’t pay a penny more. So, if you have a good used lawn mower for sale and you think it is worth more than $50.00 - don’t call me, I know there is a good one just around the corner.
Garage sales have rewarded me greatly in the past. All my present vehicles have been purchased at garage sales – well my wife’s car I bought at an auction – doesn’t that almost count? My little truck showed up at a garage sale a few years ago. Some scoff at me for driving such a truck. It doesn’t have a bumper, the AM on the radio no longer works but the FM does. The windshield wipers work great, as long as you know where the added toggle switch is to bypasses the broken factory switch. I have installed a secret anti-theft device. I guess I can share this secret since you seem to be the trustworthy type. This little truck will be 25 years old this year and so things break now and then. I figured when my emergency brake cable broke it was an excellent opportunity to improve on the original design and also install a anti-theft device. Hanging a bit off to the left is a bright green nylon cord. Pull the cord and chazam the parking brake is released and you can steal my truck. Please don’t I only have liability insurance. Another great thing about my truck; when I finish fishing and need to dry out my flies, the cloth along the roof inside the cab is a great place to hook these little beauties. I think it is getting quite attractive if I do say so myself; an array of Wolly Buggers, Grayquills, and Zugbugs. I could go on about my truck but I think I might be boring you.
For my lady readers check this out.
Nice right? $35.00 at an Estate Sale. This piece hangs 24 x 36 inches. It was hand crocheted by an African American Grandma whose family thought $35.00 was more important than a family heirloom. This might be my favorite find. When this article appeared in the house, my wife immediately thought I bought it for her –Hah! I let her think that.
I guess I could tell you about some of my other garage sale finds but that would just be bragging.
So, is there is a lesson in this? Of course there is. If my nephew is reading this it is time to pay attention. Always add fuel stabilizer to your small gas engines. I know, I know….You are welcome.


Sylvia K said...

You're in a crusty mood today and entertaining as always! Chuckled all the way through this one. Hope you're enjoying the sunshine -- before it skips town again.


Betty said...

I love the smell of newly mown grass. Right after the maintenance guys finish mowing it. Their mowers always seem to start the first time, too.

Husband Clothes said...

Considering that your little truck is 25 years old and has no bumper and lots of non-working switches and toggles, the following statement confused me: "I have installed a secret theft device." I thought, "but he truly doesn't need a theft device." Then I thought, wait, maybe the theft device is made to *help* people steal it? hahahh. But all jokes aside, my car is also old, and the older it gets, the smarter I feel for driving such a reliable, cheap vehicle.

S. Susan Deborah said...


No remote idea about lawn-mowers but grass I like. People always cut the grass without paying heed to the fact that the grass houses many small insects and worms. So much so for the intrinsic value of grass.

I thought the post will reflect on adapting to life after the nest is empty and lonely but YOU proved me wrong.

Joy and peace (with your lawn-mower of course)

Anonymous said...

I like how your posts start on one thought and end with another.

That said, your love for your old truck, lawn mower and the like, reminded me of some lines from my current fav read...

"Automobiles are there to get you from pointA to pointB. They are utilitarian devices, not expressions of social status."
Cheers! :)

Blunt Edges said...

fuel stabilizers ha? u know what...the moment u said u gonna tell it at the end, i scrolled down n read it first n then went back 2 reading the rest of it (how smart am i?) :D

25 years? don't u have some kinda regulatory board that stops u from using prehistoric vehicles? n wait a it 25 years since u bought it at a garage sale or 25 years since that baby saw the light of the day? please tell me its the latter...please!

Asif said...

Its quite interesting to hear that you use soo many different types of flies in a single place. I love making flies too. :)
Picture for the lady readers? Why? ;)
Hmm you didn’t tell the truth to Mrs. Grayquill??? I wish she reads this post soon :P
On a different note, Loved the hand crocheted beauty. Great skill and great buy. It reminds me of an instance where I saw an old lady who was actually a decendent of a Royal family, selling off a couple of hand written holy books which were the last remains of her identity for a mere 500 rupees. Really poverty is a very big thing esp in olden age when people cant even work to earn and feed themselves. In poverty, hunger is bigger than the god, the religion and the family heirlooms.

Arkansas Patti said...

Impressive, 25 years?? The most I ever got was 300,000 miles but no where near 25 years. Have to admire your ingenuity, you don't mind that I laughed a bit?
Was so pleased to learn I am all ready doing something right for my lawnmower. How rare. Thanks GQ

Amrita said...

All the best to you GQ as you keep your lawn green and velvety.My yard is like a meadow!

Grayquill said...

Sylvia: Me in a crusty mood? Me? Hmmm…
I enjoyed the gray overcast skies while I mowed my grass yesterday. What sun are you talking about? I did notice Friday a strange phenomena in the sky that made my eyes hurt – maybe that was it.
Thanks for stopping by!

Betty: Yes, newly mown grass (sneeze) admittedly a very nice smell. Those pro’s mowers run Snappers or some other high dollar mower, they better start! I hope you give them lemonade on those hot summer days :)

Husbands Clothes: Hey, value is in the eyes of the beholder. I would steal that truck in a heartbeat. There are criminals out there that no the value of that little truck!
There is one good side to having an old truck. Even in Seattle you don’t have to lock it, no one would figure anything of value would be in such a truck. Hee hee.
There is a paradox.

Betty: Yes, newly mown grass (sneeze) admittedly a very nice smell. Those pro’s mowers run Snappers or some other high dollar mower, they better start! I hope you give them lemonade on those hot summer days :)

Husbands Clothes: Hey, value is in the eyes of the beholder. I would steal that truck in a heartbeat. I am sure there are criminals out there that know the value of my little truck!
There is one good side to having an old truck. Even in Seattle you don’t have to lock it. No one would figure anything of value would be in such a truck. Hee hee.

Grayquill said...

Susan Deborah: You got me there. I have never once thought how the grass houses many small insects. The worms are all safe in this area because they all live in the dirt. I try not to mow dirt. There is that rare occasion, a mole makes a mole hill of course, and then I guess I mow dirt.

Choco: Most people criticize me for wondering all over the place when I write. Thank you!
Yip, my truck is for sure not a social status symbol, quite the opposite. Going to some of those management meetings, I undeniably have the worst looking and noisiest vehicle in the parking lot. My pride does get in the way a bit. Sometimes I am a little embarrassed. Parking my old truck next to a new BMW is a stark contrast.

Blunt Edges: Skipping right to the bottom, I guess that means you are a bottom line kind of guy. It could also mean you are into efficiency.
This is the second time you have made a comment that infers I am less than green, which of course I am. But, just so you can put your mind at rest, every two years we have to have our vehicles tested for emissions. Granted the older vehicles have a lower standard then the newer ones. My little truck passed with flying colors. Even though it has 206,000 miles (343,000 kilometers) it leaks no oil, it only burns a little oil once in a while when I first start it. But I never have to add oil between oil changes. There that should settle it.
I only bought this truck about 3 years ago – it was born in 1986 – I suppose it is a bit older than you. Yes? No? :)

Asif: Why a picture for just the ladies? Because I am a male chauvinist pig, what else would it be? I figured I was the lone male who appreciated that crochet work. Sorry!
You gave a very interesting and sad perspective on poverty. Your final sentence I found quite profound, “In poverty, hunger is bigger than the god, the religion and the family heirlooms.
I don’t think this was a case of poverty – just a young grandson who did not value his grandma’s talent or hard work. I even quizzed him and said are you sure you want to sell this? What really amazed me, when I showed up, it was the last day of the estate sale and the house was pretty much bare. I had gone through every room in the house and was walking out, when I looked up and saw the piece hanging on the wall. I almost missed it. Estate shoppers rarely look up. I learned that lesson a few years ago in a basement. I looked up and there in the floor joists was an old bamboo fly rod, in an old cloth case. When I brought it to the man in charge for a price he said, “Where did you find this?” It was his fathers and he had no idea it was there, he wouldn’t sell it to me.
That was okay, a son should have such a treasure.

Arkansas Patti: I still have a few miles to catch 300k. I was hoping you would laugh a bit. One of my challenges is to see how little I can spend when something breaks. Two weeks ago the water pump started making a racket. I was over joyed when I found a rebuilt water pump for $19.95. In three years this has been my most expensive repair. The toggle switch, $2.95, the emergency brake fix – free. Well I do suppose I bought the cord at some point, so I guess not totally free. And, there were those new tires; that cost me a bit more than $19.95. But everyone has to buy new tires. Oh yeah, the brakes, I think they were in the $40 dollar range. There you have it a bit more information you cared about.

Amrita: Thank you. You made me laugh because when mowing my front lawn yesterday I thought this is weird. I wonder how many people actually mow their moss – very velvety.
How is your yard like a meadow?

Anita Jeyan said...

1986? Then it must be 10 years younger than blunt edges! hahaha

Loved ur post, Grayquill..and I loved that Lord's prayer wall hanging.
Its classy.

Hilary said...

I love Saturday mornign garage sales and look forward to when they start.. probably in May. It's amazing what you can find for so little.. especially those many things you didn't think you needed until you see it. It's a great place to buy books for summer reading too.

Blunt Edges said...

@ Grayquill/Anita
a wise man once said, "age, weight, marks n salary are just useless numbers!" :D