Sunday, March 21, 2010

Max Aswell here...

I am late getting this out to all you good folks who tolerate Grayquill’s writing. I can understand you coming here to read my entries because I know how interesting they are. Even though I know in people world it is uncouth to toot your own horn, so to speak. In dog world there are no such rules. Facts are just facts, there are no hidden meanings in our words, no manipulation, no flattery, we say what we mean and mean what we say. We always tell the truth and life is simple. But, you humans are pretty messed up creatures, and that’s all I am going to say about that.
A couple of weeks back Abe, my master, took me and Buster to the dog park. BTW - My personal favorite place to go. It was all great, except Abe kind of ruined it by asking Grayquill if he wanted to come along. Didn’t Grayquill know Abe was just being polite? This is one of those examples where humans are just plain stupid – this never would have happened in dog world.
Grayquill tagging along is like having that little brother who always wants to be included. Since I didn’t really have a choice in the matter, I did the next best thing and took a nap on the way there. This was mainly done so I could avoid listening to Grayquill’s irritating voice.
Since I am the king dog, Buster was stuck ridding next to Grayquill. I was real proud of Buster though because he slobbered all over Grayquill’s sweat shirt – I wish I had thought of that. I felt kind of mean sticking Buster next to Grayquill, seeing how he was stuck being so close to that continual drippy nasal twang; but rank has it’s privileges.
Abe has taken us to the dog park many times. You would think Grayquill would know that, and be a bit smarter. But nooooo, he continually inserted directions, driving advice and car questions at Abe. “Hey, Abe, how long has your truck been making that noise?” or “You know if you had taken a right back there, we would have already been there.” Or “Abe how do you stand these dogs in the cab with you…the smell. Have you ever thought of putting them in the back?” Lucky for Grayquill, we got there about then because that last comment came real close to Grayquill losing some blood from my canines.
I thought I would share a few pictures of our trip - they are below. Thank goodness there are no pictures of Grayquill in that mess; I didn’t want him to ruin everything.

Loading Up

We arrive and Buster is saying Hi

Buster is sill afraid of the water

Back Home - Time for a Rest


Arkansas Patti said...

Ah Max, you deserve a rest. That is a cool park though and liked the water feature.
Got tickled about Buster and his well placed drool. A dog has to do what a dog has to do.

Bill S. said...

Tell Grayquill, you deserve a huge steak when you wake up.

Sylvia K said...

Believe me, Max, Sam and I understand exactly how you feel! Something about some humans that are really just plain off pissing! Hope you got some rest!

Mojo the Most

Asif said...

Aaah Enjoyed the pictures. I've always loved pets and their open feelings. :)
We are really messed up creatures.

Taking rest?? Sure?? To me,They are looking as if they are sad or angry with you. :D

Debra said...

Awww, such cute pictures and post! I keep thinking one of these days somebody is going to convince me to get one of these cute creatures!!!

Thanks GQ for the kind comment you left earlier on my blog.


Anita Jeyan said...

Max, what u said is correct..humans are way too complicated ... we can never know whether there is a second meaning, flattery or pun intended....they are not genuine at all... what to do.

Glad that you had a good break at the park... Grayquill was mean talking about the smell, wasn't he? Yeah...we are human beings.,..we like to be mean, you see.

Anonymous said...

@Max Aswell
You have so made my day..Nah Nah...My entire week...

1) I absolutely adore your pictures!!! The last one is just "AWWWWWWWWWwwwwwwwwwwww":) Such handsome dogs you are...Yes you are.. :)
2)We tolerate Grayquill's writing because he talks about his pets sometimes and lets you blog other times. (Psst: Don't tell him I said so)
3)Next time Grayquill hitches a ride with you..Do what doggies do best...Climb onto his lap and stink up the place...Hopefully that'll keep him away for a month...Or two! ;)

Kisses :)

NIM said...

love the pictures! Hope to see more posts from u max :P

S. Susan Deborah said...

"Grayquill tagging along is like having that little brother who always wants to be included."

Max this is the best line . . .

GQ, you have a guest writer, I see. He writes much better. Probably you are resting after all those memories of being kicked by Sally.

But Max, GQ allowed you to write in his blog so you gotta be kind to him. After all he is a human and messed up. You can bring some respite to him.

BTW, Max, this is Susan who visits here pretty often. Glad to meet you.

Joy always,

Blunt Edges said...

n suddenly max comes out of nowhere n writes a great post (a rarity around here) :P

Pat said...

There's nothing I like better then a talking dog, except maybe one who writes a blog as well. I don't know of any other animals that do that except for those phoney self centered ones in Hollywood...and they have writers to tell THEM what to say. Except for Mr. Ed. Now that was a horse, of course, of course. But, that was a long time ago, and he has since been used by many who needed glue...I'm pretty sure of that.
No worry for you though. Now if you could just get Grayquil to muzzel it when it come to giving out so many directions!

Hilary said...

Poor Max. Sometimes you just have to tolerate the people your dad is fond of. He sure does makes you look good in photos though.

Grayquill said...

Arkansas Patti: “A dog has to do what a dog has to do,” spoken like a true dog lover. I am not surprised you were the first one here. Thanks.

Bill S.: Steak? That’s a good one. I maybe deserving but GQ doesn’t even give me doggy treats.

Sylvia: GQ hasn’t been by for days it has been sheer bliss

Asif: Such a cynic you are, this is not a sad or angry look. This is buster taking first watch and it appears is is well needed…do you see that weirdo with camera?

Debra: Be strong hang on to your power and
always remember – cute doesn’t last. Thanks

Anita: What to do? Be direct....Let your yes be yes and your no be no.
The mean thing – why?

Choco: Thank you! I am glad I could make someone’s day. Yes, I know I am very photogenic. Your secret is safe with me. But, that lap thing? I just don’t think I could do it – GQ is where that horrible smell is coming from and he always tries blaming it on me. :(

NIM: We will have to see about more posts. GQ gets pretty cranky when he finds out I have been here. I am pretty sure he will change his passwords, although he is not very smart and I can usually figure them out real quick. Thanks for the compliment.

Susan Deborah: Your favorite line made me wonder – do you have a little brother? I see you left a note to GQ well I can’t promise he will get it. When he finds out I have been here messin around in his blog...well, all bets are off if you know what i mean. Thank you for your advice. I will try to be kind to GQ just for you.
Nice to meet you too Susan – Woof

Blunt Edges: Hey – that wasn’t very nice - the rarity thing? I thought I was doing better. :(

Pat: Your Ed joke made me laugh really hard. We are dating ourselves. BTW - I have seen a dog muzzle but do you think you could help me find a GQ muzzle?

Hilary: The picture thing, that is real nice coming from you. But, seriously how hard can it be when he had such good material to work with. It wasn’t like he had to do much work – it was all me. What can I say, I am just good.

Blunt Edges said...

just trying 2 get the 'mean streak' back ;)

Grayquill said...

Blunt Edges: In you or me?

Amrita said...

Ooooh I wish I was there too. The ramp for the dogs looks cool. My Ma needs a ramp to get into a car.

Husband Clothes said...

This blog post was SO FUNNY. Then I read the comments, and their jokes are funny too! Especially Pat's: "There's nothing I like better then a talking dog, except maybe one who writes a blog as well."

This was a great way to end my evening. Thanks!

Dianne said...

ahhh Max, you and Buster are so wonderful
and you're a good good dog for letting Roadquill come along with you
It's important that he gets out
he needs the sun and air for his old bones