Monday, November 30, 2009


A new blog I tripped over the other day. Well actually it was force up on me a bit – it is new and has no one reading it because it is still a secret.. You all could encourage the newbie by all reading and giving him a Hi - howdy do. The first thing I liked was its name KevQuill – nice! Doesn’t it have a pleasant ring to it? The second thing I liked was his topic, ‘Father in Law’ – he must be smart.
Now everyone go and encourage the young whelp.
I offer you this convenient link: KevQuill
Pulling a little inspiration from KevQuill – I offer a Father in laws perspective of Son in law’s both good and bad.
A few years back my daughter came home from college and began talking about a young lad she was dating – just so you know most dads are pretty suspicious of any young man who wants to date his daughter. Implementing my highest degree of listening skills my antenna was up paying attention to any inkling of what this lad’s character might be. As I listened I discounted the good things I heard. I have this belief that by the time a young man has reached his courting years he will have become a master of hiding socially unacceptable character flaws unless of course he’s a complete dim wit. So, even though many glowing examples were given of this man’s high character I took it all with a grain of salt and with held my judgment. I knew time would tell…you see people with serious character flaws really are unable to hide the telltale signs forever – it takes just too much lying. So, I waited and over the months kept watching and kept listening. My biggest concern was, did this young man have true respect for women, mainly my daughter, or was he a faker.
As the months rolled by the young man did not disappoint me. I have found him to be kind, considerate, a hard worker, competitive, direct in his communication, filled with mercy, and he was willing to challenge me all the while maintaining respect. In the end he asked for my daughters hand in marriage like a man would do.
This is a young man I believe in and trust. He continues to face adversity in a down turned economy with a positive can do attitude. I think these two are going to do fine. I expect great things from them both. I still pray for them daily but I am confident I will not be disappointed.
BTW – he plays a mean game of racquetball.


S. Susan Deborah said...

What a nice tribute to a son-on-law from a father. Your warmth and discernment flows through this post. Great to have stumbled on your blog.

Much joy,

Bill S. said...

Great tribute to him - I have three just like him. We are very lucky fathers-in-laws.

S. Susan Deborah said...

Ahhh! That should have been son-in-law. Typos. Apologies!

Arkansas Patti said...

I remember the story you wrote about your own father in law and how he was able to see past your early lack of ambition to the MAN you were. You had a good role model and glad to see the lesson stuck. Hope you son in law passes on the tradition.
Will check out KeyQuill. Thanks for the link.

Debra said...

It is so special and what a blessing to have such a wonderful son-in-law. Great tribute! I'll have to go check him out!

Blunt Edges said...

he plays a mean game of racquetball or are u just way too old? :P

bad jokes apart, great post...hope the son-in-law reads it :D

Karthik said...

I'm sure your son-in-law will be very happy when he reads this post. Or has he already it?
As usual, a very nice post indeed. :-)

Grayquill said...

Susan Deborah: Welcome! Thanks you! My SIL makes it easy to write nice things about him.

Bill S: You are one blest man a great family, talented, an artist with a camera, a great wordsmith and a teacher of youth. It is an honor. Thanks.

Susan Deborah: You gave me a great laugh with this comment – I had to read both comments five times since yesterday before I could see the typo – and I am in the printing business – Sad! I don’t do much proofing, Thank goodness! :)

Arkansas Patti: Thanks for making a comment on KevQuills blog – You are the best! I am so flattered you remembered something I wrote – Wowzer!! You made my day!

Debra: You are always the encourager. Thanks for your positive comment!

Blunt Edges: HA HA HA – the unconditional teaser Mr. Edges. I am too old? NOT! I may be getting a bit close.
FYI – Just a mere year and a half ago I road a bicycle from Seattle to Portland just over 200 miles (321 kilometers) in two days. Granted some did it in one day but hey I still made it.
PS – See how nice Karthik’s comment is? :)

Karthik: Thank you for the nice comment.

Pat said...

Having two daughters I'm very familiar with the screening prospect was good enough. It's amazing how every one of them had some flaw! We did wind up with two fine young men-who aged greatly while going through the approval process. Father knows best. Did I just show my age again?!
On to check out another quill...thanks for the convenient link!

Dianne said...

wonderful sentiments about your son-in-law
will he be guest posting about you? :)

riddhiculous said...

:) i thought only indian fathers are suspicious of guys dating girls.. now i know it is a genuine father to daughter concern and not directed by where u are placed on the globe..
a wonderful post.. and yes kev quill does have a nice ring to it..