Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Blissful Mountain Love

My anniversary is coming up next month and I am starting to think about what I could do? Your ideas would be welcome – it would be a kind gesture if only for my wife’s sake. Trying to think of something new, where she will actually go with me is the problem. I am not saying she doesn’t like going with me but let’ just say after 35 years she is very guarded. I guess it would be fair to say some of my plans have not work out all that well for her. But in my own defense this will be our 36 anniversary and that is ample time for even one as brilliant as me to do it wrong at least once.
My first mishap happened early in our marriage. Actually it was month number two – August. I wanted to share my passion for her on an overnighter in the beautiful Cascade Mountains. Could it get any more romantic? There we were at the end of a logging road, 500 hundred yards back into the trees snuggled down in my two man tent. The weather was clear and the moon was full.
Now, don’t start with me I have heard it all for 35 years. Do you really think you are going to tell me anything new? I know, some do not think the end of a logging road is all that romantic. Is it my fault everyone else is wrong? And, besides you weren’t there.
Here is the basic crux of the issue. She complained I went to fast on our hike, the no bathroom thing seemed to really bother her, and to top it off the tent was too small. How could that be? I am 6 ft tall and she is 5 foot nothing. It was big enough for me so how could it possibly not be big enough for her? Totally illogical. Is it my fault she didn’t know that in the morning there would be condensation as thick as a plate of cold spaghetti on the inside of the tent? And, that one only needed to sit up sideways to avoid a wet cold facial shower? All she had to do was ask – she acted like I planned it on purpose. Seriously, just wipe it off and move on.
On our hike, she didn’t think it fair I could step up and over fallen logs where she seemed to think it was necessary to crawl over on her belly. I told her if she did that she would get dirty and that it was to slow. Then of course there was the bathroom issue. It wasn’t a problem for me so why was it such a big deal?
So, as you can see I need some help with my high maintenance type wife. All suggestions will be considered. She is really a beautiful lady and deserves a nice anniversary. I have a larger tent now if that helps.


Holly Kay said...

That "romantic" weekend sounds like a total nightmare. The larger tent? Not helpful.

Romantic anniversary--take your wife to a place she always wanted to visit but hasn't or just one she loves. Take her to a nice restaurant--her favorite kind (maybe even one she never goes to because you don't like that type of food). Give her something to replace an item she loved but lost, broke, or otherwise ruined.

Grayquill said...

Holly - the place popped right into my mind. But it will be a total nightmare of anguish and pain. Your suggestion seems to imply it isn't all about me. I will see if I can get a Dr to give me a morphine drip that is portable.