Monday, March 8, 2010

Tell Me Everything

What is it about a song that has the power to take one back in time….
Tonight a song began its melodious dance, the scores banged out from a strong baritone voice full and strong. The lyrics rushed me back to a time years ago when I sat writing a good bye letter to a friend, mentor, and spiritual leader of sixteen years.
I remember writing, “You didn’t have many answers, and at times I was extremely angry about that, but you were there – Thank you!” - Pretty powerful words if I do say so myself.
Week in and week out this man was faithfully there in his pulpit declaring God’s word to any who would listen. This man was there at the hospital when each of my three children were born. He always had time to be there I when needed a little extra life living wisdom. He was there the day my house burned and he was a great help.
Then one day, a tragedy struck my family that made a house burning seem trivial and I was shook to my core - he was there. I can still see the restaurant and the very booth we sat in and still here the words he spoke to me, “Tell me everything,” - I did, and he listened and he prayed for me and my family. He didn’t have any words of magic but he listened and after listening he didn’t leave me alone.

During the following months in one way or another he would say again, “Tell me everything,” and I did… and he listened. Often I was angry at him that he didn’t have those magic words that would fix me and my family but he continued to listen and he was there.
For the most part I took this man for granite, then one day I sat and listened as he told his congregation he would no longer be our pastor and that scared me. I had come to depend on him and his steady balance in my life.
He did leave and I have often wondered if he ever really grasped the extent he helped me and my family. So, here I sit once again much like I did so many years ago writing, blowing my nose, writing, wiping my eyes and writing some more. With the passing of time I now have the ability to reflect back on this man and I can see that listening and being there was just about right.
Thanks Pastor D.


Sylvia K said...

Who knows how or why some people come into our lives???? And yet they are there at the very time when they are needed. I hope you have a wonderful week!


Anonymous said...

One of the greatest support we can provide to people going through tough times, is to let them know, that we are there and to listen. You were truly lucky to have come across and have had someone, who did both for you Grayquill.

And it is really sweet of you to have paid him this lovely tribute. Just goes to show that no act of kindness ever goes waste.


Debra said...

There are preachers and then there are pastors. Sounds like he was an amazing pastor.

Bill S. said...

There are angels in heaven and angels among us. Here is an example of the later. Beautiful tribute. When he passes away and reaches the gates of heaven, "Well done, enter in" will apply.

Arkansas Patti said...

I am so glad you got the opportunity to thank him. I'm sure he knew that the answers were not the important thing, the being there was. If he is still of this earth, I hope you send him a copy of this post. If he is no longer with us, his family might apprecitate your gratitude. You were quite lucky to have such a special, constant person in your life.

S. Susan Deborah said...


What a lovely post. You started with the song and meandered telling us more about your life and the Pastor. A post that has indeed come from the depths of the heart with gratitude and warmth. Pastors such as the one you have mentioned are a dying tribe. I am glad that he was there for you.

GQ, these days your posts have shifted from the humourous to reflective and contemplative. Another shade of your being right now, I reckon.

Whatever, I like both the shades.

Mountains of joy and rivers of peace,

Lynda G. said...

Songs are powerful, just like the people who touch our lives. Thank you for touching mine.

Hilary said...

A lovely and touching tribute to your Pastor D.

Frank Baron said...

Helping others is a noble calling. Special people like your pastor are a blessing. Good on you for thanking him publicly. I hope he reads it. It would make his year.

Anita Jeyan said...

U know the synonym for a friend? Listener. The one who listens. The one who wants to listen. The one who does not listen for the sake of listening. The one who genuinely wants to know whats bugging you. The one who thinks of you as himself.
You had the best friend ever, GQ. Let me not praise him, cos u have already done that.
I call you lucky for having had such a person in you life...however short the duration may be.

Blunt Edges said...

a very honest tribute. eventhough the chances are very slim, but i hope he stumbles on this.

Grayquill said...

Sylvia: Hi Sylvia, I hope you have had a wonderful week - a very wise lady said to me once. There is no such thing as a coincidence. I tend to believe that to be true.

Choco: Tc??? What is that? Have I missed something all these times? BTW – I am glad you are here listening and commenting. Thanks for stopping by. I hope all is well.

Debra: You nailed it! A good and great man!

Bill S: WOW you came for a visit – Thanks! Your comment….I am sure you are right.

Arkansas Patti: Your comment is true – I have been very blessed and Pastor D was certainly one of those blessings.

Susan Deborah: Thanks for the nice wishes! I like the analogy of shades. We all certainly do have varying degrees.
I hope my old pastor is not a dying breed – I think there are many Godly men who still know how to love.

Lynda G: This pastor had and probably still does have a great singing voice – maybe that is why a song took me back to this memory. Blessings many.

Hilary: Thank you for coming, reading and commenting – you are appreciated.

Frank Baron: He read it – Thanks for stopping by!

Anita: Your words are especially nice – Thank you!

Blunt Edges: Mr. Faithful – I think you might be my oldest blog friend. Thanks for always stopping by – you are a constant encourager! BTW – He did stumble on to this post – of course my sending him the link might have had something to do with it.
I appreciate you! Hang in there old buddy.

Anonymous said...

Lol. Tc is short for "Take Care". :)

Grayquill said...

Choco: I think I just had a Blunt Edges moment.
I got a laugh out of that too. youngsters...