Sunday, October 11, 2009


Have you ever had those times when you are some place alone – you know those times when that function we humans do called thinking spouts its nasty head? Thinking can get us into real trouble and the lengths Grayquill will go, to not think is a bit troubling.
Grayquill has lived 56 years and in that amount of time just imagine all the embarrassing and stupid things that have piled up like cord wood in his memory banks. On top of these memories are all of the mistakes, the selfishness, the weaknesses that have gone sideways on him, and then of course there is the sin. So, when he has downtime it can be a real wicked experience. I think his most horrible times are when he is driving. He is a pretty good driver so he pretty much drives on automatic most of the time. Oh…you want to bring up his 17 accidents, NOW? Sorry, we just don’t have time.
Grayquill driving on automatic often gives over to thinking and then the pain begins. All it takes for him is a smell, a song on the radio, a person who looks like that certain person and the memory he wants to forget comes flooding back. He never swears in public but he losses all control when alone and the language that has been known to spew from his lips is really quite shocking.
I am writing this because Grayquill is just to chicken – it is probably a pride thing. You know separate a little from the deed and that way avoid full responsibility. You might be expecting at this juncture some horrific embarrassing moment in Grayquill’s history. That is not to happen today. I have always felt it a good practice to not gossip.

I just wanted to warn you to be on the lookout for mature drivers who are thinking and cursing as they cruise around town on automatic. You might be part of accident number 18. Besides, Grayquill is not alone out there.


Hilary said...

The electron highway.. there's a thought.

Sounds like Grayquill kinda keeps them suppressed while behind the Blogger dashboard as well.

Sylvia K said...

Hmmmm think I would like to have secret recorder in your car some day! Just kidding! Guess we all have those "things" tucked away somewhere. I don't know that it benefits us to keep them hidden, but then I don't want to bring out things from the past that have nothing to do with the present and that might cause hurt to someone else. So, I guess it just calls for a little personal discretion, which I'm certain you are well supplied with.

Have a great day!


Bill S. said...

Wow, you talk about your mistakes and sins. I swear in public - but not at people. You keep the driving accidents (I have only had one) and I will keep the swearing.
Loved the post. Thanks.

Sumit said...

I try to avoid swearing in public, but then driving is a different ball game altogether. :P

Tall Guy said...

Never thought one could think while driving!

Roxane B. Salonen said...

Thinking can get one in trouble, that's for sure. :)

Debra said...

I do well until I'm wrestling with a drunk or drug addict at three o'clock in the morning on my unit,disturbing my peace. Ever watch "One That Flew Over The Coo Coo's Nest"? Remember nurse "Ratchet"? Yep! that's me! :)

Arkansas Patti said...

Is "thinking" what happens when I get from point A to point B and can not remember one bit of the trip? Yikes.

Anita Jeyan said...

He he looks like a warning post. :-) I kinda have a similar thinking, but I havent reached age 56 yet. :D

Karthik said...

Grayquill is not alone out there... :)
A lesson learnt. No swearing in public. :)
Nice post, as always.

And thanks a lot for your time on my blog. It means a lot to me. :)

Ashley said...

Grayquill seems to have been part of a lot of accidents! :o

It is good that some part of him has started thinking...Inspite of all the claims about swearing...I think it is a good sign :)

Pat said...

I'm thinking about how often I drive on auto pilot, and of course the answer is too much. Have you ever wondered how you got from point A to point B without seeing anything along the way? And they say cell phone use is dangerous!
I admire a man who doesn't use foul language in shows self control. Save it for inside the car. We are such a complicated/simple minded people, thank goodness for Grace and Mercy!
I think I've begun to ramble...signing off!

Rose said...

Being alone with one's self can be the pits. I know at times I would prefer not to have ME as company, but have yet to figure out where I can go to get away from me. Everywhere I go, there I am. Driving alone is the worse. Yikes, it's a wonder there aren't more accidents.

Grayquill said...

Hilary: Wise and true

Sylvia: Personal discretion – I will try to find some.

Bill S: Hmm…what do you call an accident? Really only one? Hard to imagine.

Sumit: We are in agreement – Thank you.

The Survivor: Yip – I sure can.

Roxane: It is usually the lack of thinking that get us into trouble. But, there are those times thinking for sure does get us into trouble.

Debra: Nahhh….You could never be Nurse Ratchet…You’re way to nice.

Arkansas Patti: Yip – that’s it.

Anita: Not yet 56? Your picture kind of gives it away. I am guessing you have about 33 years before that magic age. You have a lot of time to perfect the thinking while driving.

Karthik: Your welcome – and thanks back

Ashley: Oh you are so funny – but kinda mean.

Pat: Sufficient grace and mercy I have been given – thank you Lord! - Certainly way more than I deserve.

Rose: Everywhere I go there I am…Yes it is the way it is.

Holly Kay said...

I like the way you first mention what a skilled driver you are (leaving me sighing with envy), and then you just toss in the 17 accidents...17 accidents, yet you're all in one piece. Solid evidence that someone up there loves us.

Ashley said...

Apologies Grayquill...Did not intend to come across as mean... :|

Blunt Edges said...

"All it takes for him is a smell, a song on the radio, a person who looks like that certain person and the memory he wants to forget comes flooding back."

a very profound statement in between an easy post...n trust me u aren't alone...even i have those thinking "accidents" once in a while!

Anita Jeyan said...

Yes almost guessed my age right.. here in India, the number of females driving any vehicle is very low... and so, my family does not encourage me driving to office..they dont discourage also. Your comment, encouraged me in that area..Thanks Grayquill!

Grayquill said...

Sorry, for getting back to you’all so late – I didn’t know you were here.

Holly Kay: I think my funniest accident, I was driving down an arterial and a fella came out of a side street. Hit my right rear quarter panel and spun me in a 360 spin. When my car stopped I was in my correct lane heading in the direction I intended and the near full cup of coffee I held hadn’t even spilled a drop. See I am a good driver – that is if can take the credit.

Ashley: I didn’t really think you were mean – I was just being a bit mean and teasing you.

Blunt Edges: I am beginning to think you are a deeper thinker than most.
I think most people have those painful thinking moments; unless of course they have no conscious.

Anita: I am glad I could help – the inequities in your culture baffle me. In the US a woman’s car insurance is less than a man’s because they get in fewer accidents than men – especially young men. I am sure that is the same as in India.

Ashley said...

Phew! :)

Grayquill said...

Ashley: :)