Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bad Grayquill - Working Step 5

This was a bumper sticker on the back of my van during the early nineties. I loved it! Old blue color democrats would speed up next to me and flip me off. And, of course I roared with laughter. Then there was a favorite vendor and stanch democrat, that I loved antagonizing. I would back my van up to his warehouse door to pickup product. The bumper sticker pasted to my back window right at eye level. He could hardly stand it but what could he do? I was a paying customer. I would egg him on and he just had to take it. Yeah, I know it was my depraved evil nature at work again. But it sure was fun. Why are naughty things so much fun?
Then there was the motorcycle cop who wanted to know where I got my bumper sticker. I wasn’t sure if he hated me or envied me. Either way my bumper sticker was not a sitting on the fence slogan.
After many laughs and worries of gun toting wackos, my bumper sticker disappeared one day. I figured it was a liberal who was afraid of dogs but several months later I found out it was my wife who thought my juvenile behavior needed curbing. There she was doing her job,
regulating again. D’OH!
You now have another peek into my evil soul. Just so you know I joined TA (Teasing Anonymous) and worked the 12 steps – “Hi my name is Grayquill and I am a teaseoholic.”


Debra said...

That's too funny, Grayquill! Leave it to us ladies to keep you guys in line!
Oh be have!

Dianne said...

I really like your wife! But of course, so do you :)

my initial reaction to this was - well good! if they're hunting with dogs then that means we won and got rid of all their blasted guns!!

then I thought of how dogs know, they really know, good people so if a dog came upon this old liberal the sweet and loyal creature would lick my face - hehehehehehehehehe

you can git off those pins and needles my friend, you delight me to no end

Blunt Edges said...

cheers 2 teaseoholics...but the wifey sure had the last laugh ;)

Michele Mallory-Davidson said...

HAHA, you crack me up!
Sounds like my Mom and Dad(a conservative democrat, who believes in his guns), I am sure my Mom has saved my Dad too many times to count!
Dianne's comment made me laugh!! We "liberals" must sick together, afterall.
I think it's cool that people can have such divergent political beliefs, but still find something in one another that is special. I love your stories!

Tall Guy said...


Teasing Anonymous!! I hope you guys don't pull a fast one on each other or form groups to do that :)

People do seem to take their politics very seriously over there, here politics is the butt of the joke.

Anonymous said...

"Teaseoholic"!!! ROFL!!! :)
You are funny...But I am sure you are gloating on that already...Can I join too? DO you think I qualify? :P

Grayquill said...

Debra: I agree we need you ladies. I’m glad you’re smiling – Thanks!

Dianne: Are you saying only liberal people are good? I would argue there are no really good people. Only people who do good things but that does not make them good. Oh there I go again getting all serious. Gotta stop that.

Blunt Edges: She always has the last laugh – what’s that all about anyway?

Michele: Now your Mom and Dad are two democrats I think I would like. Surely Michele you are not a democrat? If you are let me stay in denial. Thank you for loving my stories – very encouraging.

The Survivor: Wicked!! – I like that! Some take politics very seriously and I guess most people do at times. We have had such a history of freedom in this country and to see that freedom ebbing away is painful. Our society is fast becoming a people who seem to want something for nothing. Freedom has two sides one side has opportunity the other side is failure. Without the possibility of failure than we soon we will have no freedom.

Choco: I figured you were a prime candidate for Teaseoholic Anonymous – in fact come to think about it maybe an intervention might be in order : )) Although your teasing is never mean so maybe that disqualifies you. I will have to think about this. Thanks for stopping by you always add Choco uniqueness – perfect

June Saville said...

Never mind Grayquill - I'll still speak to you ...

Michele Mallory-Davidson said...

To my favorite republican (other than my husband), I shall let you bask in your denial! LOL

Grayquill said...

June Saville: Now I can sleep. Thank you for being such a gracious libera. BTW I loved your last post!!!

Michele: Your husband is a republican? Bless his heart…
Denial you know is the first stage of grief. Maybe I am still in stage one grieving over the election and our new quadrupled deficit. Ugh! Well – thanks being a favorite helps the sting.

riddhiculous said...

teasoholic.. :D u surely are a super.. u know wat your quill doesn't seem to gray at all. it is so colourfull always..
and i like this teasoholic anonymous.. sounds completley shady.. But the most crucial question is Why are naughty things so much fun?
I still haven't figured out.. so i continuee to do them.. just in case I find an answer..

otherwise no body is guilty of such teasers.. it is our innocence that drives us into it.. totaly,,, LIke we are curious man.. curiousity killed the cat.. ooh that's what u r waiting for right gray? how is the cat any way?

Grayquill said...

riddhi: Thank you – color is so much better than gray. But the quill must tread the tight rope of what can be shared in public and what must remain private and still be colorful. Aye?
‘Why are naughty things so much fun?’
A vice (naughty thing) brings an instant reward in pleasure or sometimes pain. But, virtue often never brings a visible or immediate reward but we humans put virtue above vice ---virtue is good thus vice is bad.
To believe a virtue has higher value than a vice, does that not take faith? And, since virtue rarely gives an immediate feedback does that not take an additional step of faith? So if our minds are capable of using faith and common sense to determine one thing is better than another without immediate feedback does that not hint at that maybe our minds are capable of coming to an accurate conclusion, using faith and common sense. that God exists and that he is good? Is that reasonable?
The cat is still irritating.