Sunday, May 30, 2010

Blogger Buddies

Is it weird to feel connected to a person you have never met, and who uses a fake name? Of course it’s weird.
Connection in blogger world is not all that different than the real world. It usually comes when two people come together and share each other’s stories. They identifying with either each other’s laughter or their pain and as they walk along this path of life, they support the one who they now call friend. It is the way friendships have always been built and thus trust is formed between strangers.
In real life I gravitate toward people who are not to wordy. You know those people who in conversation are continually waiting for you to stop talking so they can talk? Those types of people I tend to keep a distance from. There are times when I am around such a talker, I will smile and listen, but in my mind I am saying to myself, do not say a word, not a single word in response, for if you do, that will send the talker down another rabbit trail and you will be here forever.
It is the same for me in blogger world. I gravitate toward bloggers, who know what they have to say and can say it concisely. My preference, I want them to say their peace in or around 500 and at the outside 1000 words. I know that makes me sound a bit ridged; I guess that is because maybe I am rigid. If a blogger touches me with their humanness in those few words, I will likely hang around. In my rigidness I have one more requirement. A fellow blogger must be willing to now and then come by Grayquill world and read my 500 to 1000 words and make a comment. Call me rude and selfish but it seems to me that is common blogger etiquette and respect.
When a connection has been formed with a blogger, we then consider them blogger buddies. So when the blogger buddy bows out of blogger world, it is a loss of a buddy. Sure we want to minimize the impact of these losses with logical thoughts like, ‘I don’t even know this person.’ In a sense that is a true statement, after all we only know what we have been told by our blogger friends – it could all be a lie. For sure, we do not know the whole truth. Heck, all one has to do is look at Grayquill’s blog and my own blogging tactics. I only share what makes me look good, right?
If you read the comments in my post, you will know right off that blogger buddies are much nicer than those in the real world. I think that is partly because there is no real responsibility with a blogger friend. The worse offense we can commit toward each other is to read their post and not leave a comment. Sure, we could leave a rude comment, but most of us humans have basic human relationship skills and know not to do that.
All this said, Arkansas Patti has chosen to bow out for a time. She will be missed! She seemed to me to be as human and flawed as the rest of us, which allowed me to identify with her and her journey. I feel at some level I learned to know her – thus a connection. Patti you will be missed. Your writing is always down to earth, and felt real – thank you for the many enjoyable reads.

(594 words – just so you know) :)


Sylvia K said...

Everything you've written I find to be so very true. In many ways I feel closer to my blogging friends than I do people in my real world -- no complaint, just the way things are. I have had the pleasure of meeting some of my blogging friends and it has been the most fun ever. I have two more coming to Seattle in two weeks, one from Ireland and one from Hawaii and we'll be going to spend a long weekend with yet another blogging friend in Friday Harbor. The one from Hawaii I had met several months ago when he came to Seattle to visit his mother and brother. And there have been a few others. It's never been a disappointment, but a true delight. And I've had a few, like Arkansas Patti, that simply felt they needed to take a break and I do miss them. Thanks for a great post -- as always, forgive my over long reply, but you did strike a chord. Enjoy the rest of your Memorial Day weekend!


Pat said...

That stinks. I'm taking about Arkansas Patti..what a nice name.
Although not a visitor to her blog, it seems as though my comments over here often follow hers.
I have felt the same empty more to say, so I blather. At least she is not bowing out for good...just taking a breather.
I agree with your blogger etiqutte. It's just good manners. All taking and no giving just doesn't work as well.
I better stop before this comment gets to long for you to read!

Unknown said...

Heh, I am reading your 500+ words entry and you should consider me as your new best friend already :) As a teacher, I am supposed to be a talker, yeah right, but I don't normally yak the unlimited talk to total strangers :)

Your long entries amused me, and I've read from some other bloggers who goes on and on and on and on, but the words just flew over my pretty head.

Amuse us further GQ !

Arkansas Patti said...

Aw, GQ, my eyes are a bit damp. If I were going to disappear, they would be much more than damp. Hopefully I will return to my blog when the weather forces me inside again. I too have felt the delightful connection we have. We are poles apart in a few areas but we both respect the other enough to joke through the differences. But you know, we are much more alike than different.We both often take a light look at some heavy things. You do crack me up big guy. I always looked forward to your comments and I love visiting here.
Bad news for you fellow, I know your address and will still come here to bug you.
Thanks for all the sweet words GQ. You aren't done with me yet.

AngelMc said...

I sometimes visited AR Pattie and enjoyed her blog. And I also enjoy yours, I think things rattle around in your head like mine. (That's a compliment.)

Betty said...

I'm going to miss Patti, too. She has become one of my favorite bloggers. Now, don't you quit on us. Not even for the summer. Patti is the third blogger on my roll who is leaving, and I'm beginning to wonder if it's something I said.

Roxane B. Salonen said...

Hi GQ, glad to know you're still out there making a splash in the blogging world. I try to stop by whenever my fellow bloggers visit me. Sometimes I get overwhelmed trying to keep up but it's always a pleasure stopping by.

Anita Jeyan said...

Hmmm GQ yet another nice post. U dont take relationships lightly. Thats what we need 2 learn from your generation.

Debra said...

Well now you've got me going back to old post and counting words! Ha! I haven't posted in a while but I certainly haven't bowed out! Blessings GQ

Anonymous said...

Touching and heartfelt! This was such a sweet post Grayquill.

And I surprisingly agree. With almost everything you have said.
I don’t like bloggers who after a while start behaving distant and stop commenting and/or replying to comments or both. Beats the fun out of blogging then, doesn’t it?

And for truthfulness behind the tales. I feel that the plot and the characters may have been played around with or in some cases may be fictional. But the stories always talk volumes. If one looks at the story line/pattern of the whole blog, one can know quite a lot really.:)

And I really hate it when bloggers I like bow out. But then that is life! :|

Grayquill said...

Sylvia K: Your long replies are always welcome and a pleasure to read. That is great you have been able to meet some of you blogging friends. I hope you all have way to much fun. Thanks for stopping by and I hope today is GREAT!

Pat: Yip, I got my nose plug out right away after reading Patti’s kinda’ goodbye. Thank you for agreeing with me – ahhh – sweet! I hope you are having a great day!

Shadowthorne: You are a teacher? That is awesome. Here is a bright spot to being a teacher you might not have considered. If you are like me and have to remind yourself that God gave you two ears and only one mouth and they should be used in equal appropriation, but you still have a lot of words to say each day. Then teaching gives you ample time to get a lot of your words out before you reach your speaking friends. That I bet makes you a great listener. HAH! Good luck! And thank for being my newest best friend. Sweet!

Grayquill said...

Arkansas Patti: Here we are, sigh.
Sorry, if this post caused you any negative feelings. Just so you know we will all be fine but you have a way of growing on a person and endearing them to you. I hope you have a great summer. Go with blessings following and I will see around if I see you. Thanks!

Grayquill said...

AngelMc: And such a nice compliment that is, thanks! and hanks for stopping by. I hope you are having a great day.

Betty: The third? That’s gotta’ hurt a bit. I appreciate you stopping by. Oh, tell you what I won’t bow out yet of you don’t – deal?
I hope you are having a great day!

Roxane: Lent must be over :0 :) – life has different seasons. You are in probably the busiest season of your life with children still about. When they leave you will stop and try to hear the voices that once bounced off the now quiet walls. Enjoy the noise, it doesn’t last forever :)

Anita: Hmmm….maybe as we get older we have lost enough to know what to value. Interesting comment…I will have to think on that. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you are having a great day.

Debra: We all need a little neurotic behavior just to keep us humble :O I went almost two weeks without a post this month and a friend told me my blog was dead! Dead! Can you believe it? Ouch! Thanks for stopping by – Blessings.

Choco: What do you mean you “surprisingly agree with ALMOST EVERTHING? Hm - I am not quite sure what to do with that :) Hah hah.
Now for the curx of your comment – Surprisingly I agree with almost everything you have said, you do have a knack for seeing between the words and often seeing more truth than is actually written. Hmmm…is that a woman’s intuition at work?
Great comment – thanks for stopping by and being the best of blogger buddies.

Blunt Edges said...

aha aha...why is it that of late i seem to be liking a lot of your posts...i haven't been able 2 make a sarcastic remark here 4 quite some time n its not fun!

"She seemed to me to be as human and flawed as the rest of us"
I OBJECT...i ain't flawed...yeah but i do agree on the human part!

Anonymous said...

Woman's intuition...Not bad eh? :)

But aww..Thanks for the blogger buddy bit. You ain't that bad either:)...If I/most of us, manage to embody even half of the calm understanding you portray in your blog, by the time we reach your age...Well...I guess then, we should start quoting Grayquill! ;)
Big respect though.

Bill S. said...

Very interesting post. I prefer to say little unless I am teaching or doing a presentation. Then I often speak too much.

Grayquill, I love your long ones. Keep em coming.

Hilary said...

Blogging breaks are understandable. It can be very time consuming and cut into other responsibilities and interests. I've teetered on that precipice a few times. So sweet of you to express your sentiments this way. Hopefully your pal will return again shortly.

Sh@s said...

Virtual world is a different world altogether. Some of the things that u have said in your post is so true. Even i feel more close to some of my blog friends than my real ones.

Lynda G. said...

I will keep this short - hahaha! What a great read. Very insightful. I will miss Patti!

Grayquill said...

Blunt Edges: You are slipping and getting really soft. A huge disappointment BTW! :O And you say you are not flawed? Give me five minutes with you mother or girl friend, and I will give you a list at least a page or two long of known and well documented flaws. Somebody has to keep you humble. It’s a dirty job but somebody’s gotta’ do it. :)

Choco: I go from insulting Blunt Edges to complimenting you. Hmmm….Yip, not bad at all, your woman’s intuition.
Thanks for the kind words! You are the best!
Hmmm… If you are the best, what does that make Blunt Edges?

Bill S: Thanks. You can blah, blah, blah here anytime you like.

Hilary: Is that the reason I get so little done? It is this blogging thing? Yes, I do get it why people take breaks. Thanks for stopping by, your comments are always appreciated.

Shas: Welcome! I hope you come by for a visit again. Good comment. Thanks.

Lynda G: Is that keeping it short or are you just short? Maybe all those Mounties in the your picture are really tall :O

Lynda G. said...

HAHA! I will keep it short as in brief, funny guy! :D I just looked and I do look really short in that photo. Must be those big Mountie boots they wear.

Amrita said...

Hi GQ, at last I could open your blog. Since the past 2 weeks it wouldm 't open.

This is a very insightful and good post. I agree with you. Making a connection with fellow bloogers is more important to me than trying to express my opinion by commenting.

I also am wary of wordy people. Some people don 't let you begin. They have story after story to tell. And when you try to tell them your story they say - well don 't be negative. praise the Lord - rejoice and be happy.

I like short concise blogs too.

S. Susan Deborah said...

GQ, bowled everyone with thought and insight.

I like reading your blogs as they make me laugh and say 'ahhhhhhhh.'

Joy always,