Sunday, August 28, 2011

Grayquill Scaring Little Childern

I read Frank Baron’s blog about turning sixty and it scared me. That number will be looking me right in the eye in just a few short years. Convicting me to get some exercise, my day started out as a banner day. I rode my bicycle to work. It is 12 miles and it takes me about an hour. It is a good work out. All was going, so well, until my front tire got caught in a crack between the pavement and the cement sidewalk. I took a sideways landing lifting more sand out of the area with my face than a street sweeper. I can attest there is a reason God allows youngsters to take those bicycle spills instead of us almost 60 year old fellas. I have a black eye, like no fight ever gave me. You would think if I needed to get a black eye, it could at least have a good story attached to it. Instead I have to say I fell off of my bicycle (how embarrassing). A lady stopped to see if I was okay, with blood dripping down my face I said only what a real man would say, “Of course I am all right would you go away now and leave me alone with my shame but thank you!.”
I have told a few brave folks who asked me what happened and I see that look in their eye that says, ‘Why is that old guy riding a bicycle in the first place?’ Ho Hmmm..... Well, I got my full fill of sympathy from all the female types at work. The male co-workers just laughed and I could swear I heard them call me an idiot under their breath. I came home that night and upon heading to bed hoped for dreams that had me doing something hero-ish (is that a word?). Sadly, that did not happen.
A full week has now passed and my eye has improved greatly. I find now, that only small children shy away in horror; whereas the first few days after my fall, even adults would avoid eye contact. During those first few days I found a great game. I would walk past a group of people being very careful to NOT look directly at them. I would either look straight ahead or away from the group, then at the last minute I would really fast look directly at them. The shame of being caught staring was priceless.  I know, I know, that was kind of mean of me, but heck, how often does this kind of opportunity come along?
A lot has happened since my last post. My son is now engaged to be married – I guess that’s the biggest and the bestest news (I know not a word but I like it).  My book sales made it into the double digits a few days ago.  My wife fell down our stairs and bruised herself real good and I am not being a very good nurse. Behind my house in the green belt area someone has set five brush fires over the past two weeks and Grayquill is out to catch an arsonist. I went fishing and caught only one very small, too embarrassing, to really talk about fish – Yes, I released the poor little fella. And lastly, I have a new office at work – Yahoo!


Sylvia K said...

Hey, you're still a youngster and they do get black eyes and crash bikes!! Since I'm old enough to be your mother, I can preach to you and I bet you scare more of the oldies than the young ones! Anyway, glad it was not TOO serious and that you're okay! Hope you have a great week -- leave the bike at home for a while!!


Pat said...

OH Grayquill, this is not a look becoming a successful author! Glad to hear you are on the mend and in time, even your ego will heal.
Mrs. Grayquill and I could be related, I have on occasion taken a tumble down our stairs...last time resulting in a torn menescus and knee surgery.
As one who has passed the sixty mark, I find exercise a waste of time...enjoying nature and family is much more fun. I may not live as long, but I"m enjoying myself more!

Arkansas Patti said...

Yea, sure, you fell off your bike and your wife fell down the stairs. Looks to me like she clocked you good for laughing when she fell. Seriously, you two, please be a bit more careful. You are getting closer to the age when you no longer bounce.
Congrats on you pending new daughter-in-law and your book sales. Way to go.

Brig said...

Ouch, that looks like it smarted! Now that you've got the crash & burn out of the's smooth sailing...

Linda at To Behold The Beauty said...

You have a knack for taking a painful situation and turning it into a humorous story. I'm glad the bike wreck and the wife's fall down the steps weren't any more serious than they were. As Arkansas Patti pointed out, there comes a time when we no longer bounce.

Betty said...

Arkansas Patti stole my thunder. I was going to comment on your "likely story" that your wife fell down the stairs, and you fell off your bike. Anyway, congratulations on the book and to your son.

Heidrun Khokhar, KleinsteMotte said...

Glad the book's doing well and that you like the new office space.
Wedding plans in your future and mine too. Seems that many of us have that and grandkids in our near future.

Heidrun Khokhar, KleinsteMotte said...

P.S I ordered the book from Amazon. Can't wait :-)

Hilary said...

For someone who has had as many car accidents as you have.. you really should stay off of bicycles. That looks nasty and I'm glad neither yours or your wife's mishaps weren't worse than they were.

Grayquill said...

Sylvia: You are right – I did scare a few older folks.

Pat: Your perspective I am more at home with than I want to admit. But as for that exercise thing – I do want to be able to tie my own shoes for a bit longer.

Arkansas Patti: You gave me a good laugh. Yeah that not bouncing thing pretty much makes for a crummy day.

Brighid: It smarted but I think it looked stupided :-O

Linda: I will do my best to stop testing my bounce quotient

Betty: You and Arkansas Patti can just be plain mean sometimes – I think you two must be friends :-)

KleinsteMotte: Those young folk seem to do the marriage thing often – in spite of these times we live in where live in seems to come in front of marriage so often. I feel honored by your act of kindness, I hope you enjoy the read!

Hilary: You make a pretty good point – I am finding it hard to argue that one away and that makes me a bit cranky. Thanks for the well wishes!

Cheryl said...

You think you will be old at 60....come on now you are still a baby. Plenty of life in the old dog yet, I believe is the saying.

That eye looks really painful and a tad scary.
Did you ride your bike to work the next day :)

Good luck with your book....

Shrinky said...

Oh my, that looks awfully painful. When my hubby works every other week in London, he also (all 56yrs young of him) cycles to work - right past Buckingham Palace, through Piccadilly Circus and all the most busy and dangerous routes known to man. He's been swiped off his bike by many men in white vans, most of whom have driven off totally oblivious they've darn near killed him!

I'm glad you've survived to cycle another day, and um, stop scaring those kids, yeah? we oldies are creepy enough to them as it is, without you going and giving us a further bad rep..

Yeaaaaaaaah on your son's engagement, and YES, of course that's a word (grin).

Frank Baron said...

Wow! Busy times at GQ HQ. Sorry about the tumble. I'm afraid I would have lied about the cause. Probably several different lies actually, depending on the audience at the time.

At least you took a pic or two. That's good. You can show your grandkiddies down the road. And by then, probably have yourself a pretty good lie or two worked up....

(Thanks for the plug.) ;)

Blunt Edges said...

Congratulations to your son and to you for the book sales, the solitary fish, and the black eye :D

Hope the wife is feeling better now.

Blunt Edges said...

And someone has stopped replying to comments for older posts :P
Yeah yeah why would big authors bother to reply to us mere mortals? :P

Dianne said...

maybe you need to wear a helmet with a face guard, like the football players

it does make you look dangerous
and that can be sexy ;)

congrats to son
bravo on new office
and good on you for releasing the little fish

Wendy said...

Congratulations on your son's engagement! And your book! I'm impressed.

Sorry about your eye. It looks so painful! Don't know how you rode a bike that far. I know I couldn't do that. And I'm turning 60 in a couple of months! Ha! We're all getting old (or maybe better, what the heck?)

Hope your wife feels better soon. It sounds like there is a lot going on at your place right now.

Grayquill said...

Cheryl: If I am just a baby, how can I also be an old dog – hey have you been talking to my wife?

Shrinky: Those @$^! white vans….I’m pretty much all healed up but I still seem to scare little children even when I am on my best behavior –sorry if that is effecting how the little ones see you.

Frank the man Baron: The lies – yes the lies…if only I could think that fast!

Blunt Edges: Thanks for the congrats… the wife is feeling better and now lets talk about your whining and mere mortalness…First off can you be an mere mortal and an atheist at he same time? To be a mere mortal wouldn’t that mean there is a non-mortal? Just a thought…

Dianne: Of all the post that I need a hug from Hope you leave me nothing – although I do like the dangerous and possible sexy thing.

Wendy: Thank for the congrats…I only had to ride about another mile or so after I took my plunge toward the sidewalk. The wife is feeling better – thanks for the well wishes.

Wanda..... said...

Oh my...and I was just about to get my bike out and dust it off, haven't been on it since I broke an ankle...falling down the stairs! Cooler weather has set in here and that was my plan for today...will think of your photo, while being verrrrry careful!

Glad your wife is feeling better!

AngelMc said...

A friend of mine who is 50 and has been riding 100 miles a week (crazy) recently has had two spills, the first tearing her rotator cuff and the last giving her two black eyes. I'm going to tell you like I told her Mama to tell her, " get somewhere and set your old tail down."

Unknown said...

A black eye? Gosh, I never had one... and come to think of it, I haven't ridden on a bike for three years already.
Yep, me getting lazier and fat.
Congratulations on many things, except about the wife falling.
Come to think of it, if I ever got a black eye, I'd tell different tales on how it happened to different people who asked :)

Dianne said...

Hope sends hugs!!
and says you don't scare her :)

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Very nice to meet you! I found your great site while visiting Bill's blog tonight.
Sorry about your accident I hope you heal faster than I did the last fall I took. lol
I hate to say this but looking at your eye actually made mine hurt. You really have a shiner there but of course you already know this.
Congrats on your book publication. I am in awe of anyone that follows their dreams and especially when it is publishing a book.
For a long time now that has been one of my dreams tucked away somewhere waiting to be nourished.
Looking forward to being one of your followers.

Brig said...

You haven't posted in a while, hope all is well?