Friday, January 21, 2011

Good News

Yesterday I was to meet my wife for dinner at a local diner. She had earlier shared some great news with me and I thought I would shock her by actually bring her flowers for once when I wasn’t in trouble. As it happened, I arrived 15 minutes early and set the flowers on the table. From the glances I received walking in, it was hard to tell if the flowers in this particular restaurant was an oddity or just rare for an old guy to be carrying in flowers. Real flowers I knew were not normal because of all the plastic ones splashed around here and there where the dust had collected.
There was one particular old guy who watched me walk in, and if one saw him carrying flowers into a restaurant, every patron would know immediately he was in trouble with his wife. He could not stop looking at me sitting there by myself with those flowers lying on the table. I could see it was killing him. The curiosity finally overtook the poor soul and as him and his wife got up to leave he said, “Pretty flowers.”
“Yes, they are - every now and then I buy them for myself,” My answer did little to satisfy the poor creature. His brow furrowed, his lips went tight, and his eyes squinted down oh so slightly. I wanted to say, ‘you look confused, what’s the problem, don’t you buy yourself flowers?’ In this day and age, in our anything goes society, I could see he was at a loss as the many possible scenarios that flashed through his cranium. At best this was one of those awkward moments and I could see him scrambling for a response. I did have to admire the speed, his mind was not working. After sufficient discomfort had been allowed I added, “It is possible my wife might get them when she arrives.”
His face relaxed and I could see, once again all was right in his world. His wife then felt free to also admire the flowers.
The waitress who often waits on us came by to say, I shouldn’t have brought her flowers. She is cute enough I would probably have laughed at any attempt of humor on her part.
After my wife’s salad and my hamburger were consumed and we were preparing to leave and since our body language and conversation did not indicate I was there to make amends for some horrible very bad deed. The three waitresses had concluded that we must be out for our anniversary and said so. My wife told them her good news and all were appropriately impressed.
I would tell you the good news but at the moment I am not in trouble and I want to keep it that way. I will say the good news is NOT that we are going to have a baby but most of you already knew that.


Sylvia K said...

Glad there's been good news and what a fun post! The flowers are lovely and I'm sure they're appreciated for whatever reason. Hope you have a great weekend! Enjoy!


Moannie said...

Good news! That is so good to hear. I'm having a S.A.D. moment. If the sun doesn't shine soon there will be blood. J.P. will be in pieces all over the house. So far I have managed to restrain myself. I'll be him or the dog, and the poor chien is quite innocent.

Tell no-one.

Pat said...

Good news is music to the ears, I don't even have to know what the good news is, just knowing that someone is experiencing something good is enough for me!
The beautiful flowers are the icing on the cake...good job GQ!

Amrita said...

Lovely way of expressing your feelings for Mrs GQ. Very sweet expression of love. I hope your friend ( the old man) will also emulate it.

betty said...

Oh, phooey! The baby was my first guess!

Hilary said...

So nice that there's good news.. whatever it may be. And so sweet that you considered flowers as part of that celebration.

I love the new(ish?) header.

AngelMc said...

Hmmm. Very sweet. Is it a grandbaby?

Debra said...

Well...I WAS beginning to wonder! LOL! Happy just to hear you guys have some good news. Enjoy and be blessed!

Choco said...

Woohoooo!!! That's awesome news!!! I am so happy for you :)

Anita Jeyan said...

Congrats on the good news ! And you're such a cute guy to have bought flowers !

Arkansas Patti said...

Aww, such a sweetie you are, but truthfully, I want to know what news prompted flowers since you took away my first guess.
I'll try to be patient and as nice as your other commenters.
Enjoy the moment.

L'Adelaide said...

So glad you aren't in trouble...i am but what else is new? thanks for popping into my neck of the woods and leaving a trail through the's nice to meet you. blessings for a cat without 9 lives. ;)

troutbirder said...

Sweet story whatever the cause. Though really it doen't need a "cause."
btw. Indeed I am one of those people who subsist on about 5 hours sleep per night... much to Mrs. T's chagrin. The fact that hiking with the pooch these days is hampered by sub zero temps, ice, and three ft. of snow contributes as well. :)

Frank Baron said...

Good news is always pleasant I suppose...even when someone turns it into a BIG FAT SECRET THAT HE KEEPS FROM EVERYONE!!

It's okay, really, I'm not the least bit curious. It doesn't bother me - at ALL!!! NOT ONE FRIGGIN' BIT!

Just write it in a really tiny font. She won't see it....

steveroni said...

Hello Mr Quill...this is my first visit here, you drove by my blog earlier today (one of my sicker ones--grin!). Thanks for drop-by.

I wear a hat which is front-printed:

Also ride a Suzuki scooter (650cc), take trips (solo) each August--past Aug. went 4,000 miles (r/t) in 3 weeks L O V E it! Does your wife with the flowers ride with you? Is the GOOD NEWS that she got her own bike?--grin!

Grayquill said...

Sylvia: Thanks – they were.

Moannie: Yikes! Sounds like war.
@JP I advise a preemptive strike. Admitting your fault quickly if not sooner – Good Luck.

Pat: Thanks!

Amrita: You never know what can happen.

Betty: Did you forget how hold I am?

Hilary: Thanks – I like being called sweet

AngelMc: No, not a grandbaby but that would be pretty gosh darn good.

Debra: You were beginning to wonder? You disappoint me. But thanks for the nice wishes.

Choco: Thanks – you’re the best!

Anita: Me? Cute? Wow that’s a new one. Thanks!

Arkansas Patti: Ahh…sweetie I might be but I’m not telling.

Linda: So, why are you in trouble? Thanks for coming for a visit.

Troutbirder: Winter time =’s reading aye?

Frank Baron: You are funny… but I don’t have a font that small.

Steve E: That is more than a few miles. Ahh…I don’t think 650 and scooter should be used in the same line. :-)

Shrinky said...

Ah, I think I can understand why your marriage has lasted over 35yrs! Those flowers are gorgeous, and the fact you were quite proud to bring them to her in such a public place, is proof positive of the love you have for her! Now you have us all guessing about theis good news of hers..? What ever it is, it's lovely to celebrate GOOD news, isn't it?

My hubby works away in London a lot, and usually takes the late (Friday night) flight home. He often drives a few miles out of his way en-route to pick up flowers for me. It's not the flowers that lights a smile to my face, so much as the effort he makes to get them, when he is already so tired and ready for home!

Sandra said...

Hubby has never been much for flowers. I've written about the time I was expecting flowers and he brought me ... a pen and pencil set!

So, if he brought me flowers in a restaurant, I would probably die of a heart attack and not get to enjoy them! (but I'd go with a smile on my face)

Good work. I think you probably bought yourself a pass the next time you screw up. :)

Dianne said...

you described that man's reaction so well I could see his face and it cracked me up

good on you for bringing flowers
you smushy romantic you

Hope sends hugs :)

The Spiritual Hobo said...

You commented good words to the woman (on her blog) who talked about "SWEET SAM" so I am checking you out, Nice! Those are Killer Flowers but a flower once saved my life so you see, they works both ways. Flowers are; "PRETTY" POWERFUL and they are SWEET just like SAM.

Tall Guy said...

That's a good news :)


Blunt Edges said...

Incidentally I have never got flowers for anyone. Chocolates work better for me, since I too can share it ;)