Saturday, July 3, 2010

Books on My Night Stand

My night stand is a mess. My stack of books is getting pretty high and beginning to lean. Soon there will be a fall. When that happens maybe I will be fortunate, and the cat will be nearby, scaring it into a much desired heart attack. Who knows something good could come from this colossal mess.
At the top of the stack and the book having the best chance of hitting the cat will be Frank McCourt’s book, The Teacher Man. This is the first book of his I have read and it is becoming a personal favorite. Under it is a book written by Ralph Palmen, 8 Critical Lifetime Decisions. Anything Ralph writes is worth reading, he has wisdom worth passing on. Next is Trusting God by Jerry Bridges, I am not really reading this book but I pulled it off the shelf looking for some answer to some question. I don't really remember what that was about. Regardless here it sits waiting for the cat to walk by. Next comes a garage sale find, a used New American Standard Version of the Bible. What does that say about me when my Bible is buried four books deep, hmmm…. Next is a book on writing called Characters, Emotion and Viewpoint, by Kress. Under that is a novel I have tried three times to read called, The Gold of Exodus. Oh, look another Thrift Store find, Writing Fiction by Cassill. Oh, I can’t believe it; under this book is another Bible. I wonder how long it’s been since that one was read, let me blow the dust off it. Next is a book called, Three Mennonite Poets. Poetry is not my thing but I did read one of the poems. Next is a grammar book called Write Right. I guess it is a nice thought thinking I can learn some grammar at this time of my life. I have made little progress. The main problem to be quite frank is that the book is a bit boring – surprise! And at the very bottom is a book called, Blest Atheist, by Elizabeth Mahlou, written by a fellow blogger. It is her life story and a very interesting read. Elizabeth takes the reader through her depths of tragedy and back to the heights of human achievement. If you choose to read this book, get ready to laugh and cry within the same page and sometimes both at the same time. This book is not for the emotional weakling. I had to put it aside several times before I could pick it back up.
Stack number two – the short stack – the active stack, first is ‘Finding God’, by Larry Crabb. This is one of those books that you can read, pick it up a couple years later and get something new from it. This is probably at least the third time it has taken space on my night stand and I am sure it will be back for several more visits before my days have ended, Lord willing. Next is a Bible I actually read now and then, who woulda’ thunk?
Lastly is a novel by Susan Howatch, a favorite author of my wife’s. Ms. Howatch has yet to draw me into her vortex of fans. My first attempt at Howatch was a few years back, after reading four pages and having to go to the dictionary eight times in four pages, our dear Susan, kinda’ ticked me off – write a set or two lower please. So, I just put her back on the shelf and decided she did not intend for me to be included in her key demographic audience. I am going to give Howatch one more try – I don’t want to hold a grudge.
Well that’s pretty much it. My night stand is now cleaned off and ready for some new additions. The cat is safe, don’t worry Choco.
Thank you for your help, I will always take help with tidying up. As usual you are the best.
Thanks for reading all the way to the end.


Anonymous said...

The cat does have a name you know. *Frowning Smiley* Hobbes. And I am going to include Hobbes in my prayers tonight.

And now that I have noted that bit in my mind:
1)Grayquill has three Bibles on his bookshelf.
2)Grayquill dislikes novels.
3)Grayquill is not afraid of letting the world know about which books he owns.
4)Choco has.. pens, a brittanica learning pack dvd set, The Memoirs of a Geisha (Uhh) and The Winner Stands Alone (Euuurgh!) on her night stand.
5)She hides all the other books, cause she doesn’t want friends/family/neighbors to walk off with em, never to be seen again!
6)Choco is bookmarking this post for ROFL worth and also as reference for future books buys.
7)Finding God by Larry Crabb sounds like a good investment to her. :)

Arkansas Patti said...

GQ my friend, you need a Kindle. I have 70 books on my night stand and they are stored inconspicuosly in a 7 x 5 by .7 inch device. I only paid for 4 of the books, the rest were free. Best thing is my cat is in no danger from the small device.
Yes, you can get the Bible also in any version and it is a free download. One of my favorite features is when that strange-to-us word appears, highlight it and the meaning appears magically at the bottom of the page. That would make Susan an easy read.
You certainly do have eclectic taste.
If you don't get a Kindle, please build your new pile with care.

Betty said...

Patti is probably right about the Kindle, but I just hat the thought of not being able to hold a book in my hands and turn the pages. I'm not crazy about Susan Howatch, either.

S. Susan Deborah said...

It happens, it happens. All of us love books to bits and are also avid collectors (This comes handy when there are people coming over and they gasp: Ah! you read so much to which we stand acting as if "These are not the only ones, you know. There are more.").

And a day comes when we don't remember why on earth we bought that particular book OR we lovingly caress the books picking it up and allowing our memories to travel to the day we first laid our hand on that book.

All said and done, I LOVE MY BOOKS, no matter how they are stacked for I have no cats. I have only my mother and sister who despise the stack but have learnt to overlook it just like they do to me!!!

Was that a real long comment? Thanks for reading all the way to the end. God bless you and as Americans say: "Have a happy 4th of July!"

Joy and peace,

Blunt Edges said...

sorry about the cat buddy...apparently it has 9 lives!

i would have liked to list the books in my shelf too.
*looks around...walks about the house...finally returns back*

err...just remembered i don't read!

Grayquill said...

Choco: I am trying to picture a *Frowning Smiley* Choco. It is causing my brain to go through all kinds of contortions.
1) GQ pickups Bibles in hopes they will make him better…the progress meter to date is still in the red zone.
2) Incorrect – observation and conclusion
3) Yikes…people know now?
4) What’s your most favorite book of all time? – only one title is allowed.
5) Hiding place suggestions – in hamper under your dirty laundry, wrap books in brown freezer paper and store in deep freeze – mark “Cat Meat”
6) LOL – like I believe that :)
7) :))))

Arkansas Patti: I am beginning to think Kindle has you on the payroll – You did give me a thought I hadn’t thought about. A clean nite stand certainly would be a bonus – and the magic of highlighting for a dictionary has almost pushed me over the edge. To do the highlighting does that require two hands?

Betty: Thanks – I will not feel bad if I remove Susan from my night stand. That helps-Thanks.

Susan Deborah: You are lucky to not have a cat! And, I am glad you stack books also – I feel less lonely now. Happy 4th to you. Thanks.

Blunt Edges: That is an awesome wish only 9 lives! That means it will actually die someday – hopefully before I do.
At least you have shelves – what’s on them? I think you are lying though, about not reading books. I would bet that you have one or two books covered in cobwebs under your bed. They are probably titled ‘How to only be a bit crazy when the Edges are Blunt’ and ‘The Top Ten Blunt Edges Pick up lines that never work’ or maybe there is a third, ‘All the girls I could have dated if just had one good pick up line’ :) :)
That last one could sell millions. I think that should be your next post title.

Anonymous said...

:-L will get you a Frowning Smiley on Candid Talk :D
1) I agree...Not! :)
4) I have favorite authors. Mitch Albom and Richard Bach. But only One title you say...
'One' by Richard Bach... :D

Debra said...

The book written by a blogger friend of yours sounds very interesting, I just might have to read it.

Anita Jeyan said...

ohh thats NOT a cool way to kill a cat :D If u make it read the books, perhaps it will.

Grayquill said...

Choco: Bach – Illusions? I looked for Frowning Smiley but he was camouflaged.

Debra: If you follow her link in my post – she posts excerpts now and then.

Anita: So are you saying you know how to insure a certain cat expiration date? Do tell…. :0

Pat said...

I have a stack of books on my night stand..gathering dust. It seems summer keeps me busy and when I go to bed...I'm out like a light. I'm not complaining, there is plenty of reading time just around the corner when this wonderful warm weather is just a memory.
I say stack those books back as high as you can...I'm not a cat lover. Did I just write that or was that my evil twin?

Grayquill said...

Choco: Whre is my Frowning Smiley? Richard Bach - Illusions?

Pat: You have an evil twin? Is that kind of like an imaginary friend that gets blamed for all ones misdeeds? Hmmm....I am with you reading is best done in winter. My favorite place is in front of my wood stove.

Holly Kay said...

HAHAHHAHA. The jokes about the pile of books waiting for the cat! Too much!!! (I know that you're not actually joking...but it's still funny).

Amrita said...

I found Blest Atheist such a remarkable story.