Thursday, July 8, 2010

It's Just About Right

Seattle is having a heat wave and it is awesome, 85 degrees today. A few months back I went to Florida and it was 92 degrees on the coldest day. Arriving back in Seattle I realized I had this low grade anger or irritation going on. I finally took some time to think about why I was so cranky and I realized I was bitter that I had lived in this nasty Seattle rain for 50 plus years and there are places where it is warm and it is warm almost all the time.
So I am pretty, pretty, happy about this warm weather. Right this minute I am in my bedroom sitting in my underwear. It is just me and my still kind of fat soft belly. No one is bothering me. There are no bugs flying around bugging me. It is 11:30 pm and it is still 78 degrees outside – Yes!! I should probably go to sleep, but I am too excited. I once heard a friend say, ‘If it gets any better than this, I will probably be in heaven.’ Right at this minute, I am feeling it.
I had to write this tonight because tomorrow it will no longer be nice but it will be hot. It is supposed to be 93 degrees tomorrow. So, I will probably be cranky by the time I get to sit and do some writing and by then I will be wishing for some good old mild Seattle rainy drizzle.
That reminds me, have I ever talked to you about the crazy phenomena, when things are ‘just right?’ I may be bringing something up that you have already figured out, but for me it is still a conundrum.
My weekends always have a couple of those just right moments. I am usually up before the rest of the household. I start a pot of coffee, while the coffee is brewing I may do some simple task and then I get that first cup of coffee. That just right moment usually happens on the walk to my chair where my laptop or book is waiting for me. It is that first sip of coffee. It is the only one that day but there it is, a just right moment. Are you feeling it? – I heard someone use that term the other day so I am trying it out. Let me know if it works for you, I mean if you’re feeling it.
Another just right moment is after I come home from work, have a little dinner, sit down with my laptop on my lap. First I check my email. Then I check if there are any comments on my blog. And then comes the part where I get to start writing. Here comes a just right moment. The laptop by now is warming up. The food in my stomach has taken away that grumbling feeling, and the warmth from my laptop sitting on my lap in the midst of typing or reading, slips me into my evening nap. That moment, right before it is full sleep. that is a just right moment.

Tricked you didn’t I? You probably thought I was going to describe some mushy description of writing pleasure. I suppose now and then I write some string of words that are pretty good but I would never say they are just right.
Do you have any just about right moments?


Debra said...

Hey, about that heat wave...welcome to my world!

Anytime I can have all my family together is a just right moment for me. As time goes on those moments are getting far to brief.

Blessings GQ

Grayquill said...

Debra: I don't want to live in your world. That is way to hot! Family moments are the best! I had one tonight, brief but just about right, except for the brief part.

Arkansas Patti said...

I think brevity is what makes those moments special. If they happened all the time, we would be accustomed and not appreciate them.
My "just right moments" are those that would make a great picture,camera not necessary. Mental snapshots are just as good. Be it an endearing encounter of family,friends,animals, plants or just an amazing treat of nature. Most days provide such a scene.

Pat said...

I agree with family moments, those top my list. But I also like that quiet time every evening after dinner. I plop myself on the couch, Hal is in his chair and we are so content just to have the TV on while we each, at different times, will nod off and then wake up and not miss a as if no one heard that tiny snore that just came out of the blue. "Are you sleeping? No, not me". We are so predictable...that's all part of the just right moment, the predictability.

Amrita said...

Temps in the 80s is OK for us. Right now its close to the 100s with high humidity.

Anonymous said...

I so get this post. Though I wouldn’t call it a just right moment. More like a fleeting feeling of inexplicable something… something nice… Strikes one at the oddest moments. Kinda gives the feeling like an angel that had been flying by, had stopped a moment to touch ones heart and rekindle something beautiful.. And before we can get a grasp of what it really was.. Its gone…

Sheesh. Look at me ramble. I’ll stop. Enjoy the heat. It’s hot and humid Kolkata… almost all through out the year… So I know worse! :|

AngelMc said...

After I read your post I immediately thought of my "just right" moment. It happened last night. I had changed the sheets on the bed, they were fresh and clean...I had taken my bath, washed my hair...a little spritz of cologne, climbed in the bed with my book/iphone/puppies...head up on 4 pillows with my neck pillow under my neck just so...yep it was indeed "just right."
Oh and yeah, I agree with Debra...come on down to MS and try a little sultry heat southern style. You will be begging for that rainy Seattle weather!!

Unknown said...

Hello GQ!
I enjoy the cold much more than the hot weather.

My 'just right' moment usually happens when I slip onto the bed after finishing up, and the cold sheets are so comfortable for me (yes yes yes, most normal people like the OTHER way).

Anita Jeyan said...

Hey of my right moments is the same as u had said...with a nice hot drink...a book/laptop...after food and bath...
and some other right moments are when I'm alone at home, eating food on the couch (which I'm not allowed 2 do when someone is around) , watching TV on a channel of my choice...flipping channels annoyingly with noone to complain..and dozing all day...(without cooking)...:-)

Grayquill said...

Arkansas Patti: Yes, I can recall a few of those types or just right moments. I hope you are having a great weekend.

Pat: That sounds very nice. Surely you do not snore :o

Amrita: That is way too hot. Does it cool down at night?

Choco: That’s the way of things. We have few just right moments. The weather is too hot or too cold but no one ever says – this humidity is too little.

AngelMc: Four pillows? Are you one of those ladies who cannot sleep with a bean under the mattress? MS- scares me. Maybe the spring or fall would be a nice time??

Shadowthorne: I am with you at times. Sometimes the cold is just right but I have to admit I prefer the heat most of the time. Thanks for stopping by.

Antia: Just put a blanket over the couch. But I keep the chips out of the bed. There is no hiding that – not that I know from experience, it is just something I heard once. What is your favorite non-cooking food? Just curious…

Blunt Edges said...

a sweet li'l post that, apart from the detail about u sitting in your underwear of course :P

n my moment would be waking up on weekends during winter n then lying on the bed all cozy n covered for an extra hour or two watching tv till my tummy shouts 'food' :)

Full-On-Forward said...

Grayquill: Just right moments are Gems to be mined and then enjoyed! Thanks for reminding me to LOOK for and savor them! A New Follower!


troutbirder said...

Anything but high humidity works for me. Sweating when your not even moving is the pits. My cousin lived on Puget Sound for two years and moved to Portland which I found to be quite nice when visiting. Just right! :)

Dianne said...

any time spent with my granddaughter is a just right moment
especially when she smiles, laughs, giggles
and when she hugs me!! all is right with the world

it's been 100+ here and my crankiness is at an all time high

Anita Jeyan said...

Hehe favorite food is biscuits... :-) I can live with just biscuits you see. :)

Holly Kay said...

Just right moment...when the morning shuffle to camp or school is over and when my little 2-year-old gets his morning snack. That's when I sit down at my computer with my cup of coffee. I know I'll have at least 10 minutes of quiet. Other just right moment: when all the dishes are clean, laundry is done and folded, beds are all made. Beds are always made, but other two items on the list...not often complete.

Hilary said...

I have those just right moments when my 20 year old son is about to head out somewhere and stops to say goodbye. He won't say what he's thinking, but he hesitates just long enough so that I can offer the hug... which he accepts willingly. That's a just right moment for me.

Also when the shutter clicks and I know I've got the photo I was hoping for.

Grayquill said...

Blunt Edges: Hmmm…Weekends are pretty good but don’t be sitting around in your underwear, you might scare the birds flying by your window.

John McElveen: Gems – such as? Thanks for stopping by – I hope you felt welcome.

troutbirder: This area attracts some summer folks that scamper back to Arizona when winter hits. Today was a nice 78 degrees. Sitting sweating and not moving is certainly not a just right moment.

Dianne: 100+….sounds horrible – Sorry! I guess it is best to get the hugs from Hope early when it’s still cool. 

Anita: Just biscuits? It sounds horrible, really, just biscuits? Now add a little…NO! a lot of honey and way to much butter – now we are talking, a just right moment.

Holly Kay: Young mothers have to be the most focused and organized beings on the planet. I take my hat off to you! You have my respect ten times over!! Beds are always made? Really? Well, I hope you are not the one making them all. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

Hilary: I understand the hug…those are pretty special.

Frank Baron said...

Well, GQ, I wish I could share your enthusiasm for heat but I'm not a fan. We've been sweltering here in southern Ontario for about 10 days now. That's about 8 1/2 days more than I like. (Hilary's like you though, she loves it.)

Good stuff on the "just the right moment." We all need to be more aware of just how many there are in a day -- if we're open to recognizing them.