Monday, July 13, 2009

Does two make a tradition?

Floating the Yakima River, fly fishing, losing an oar, sun glasses into the brink, and no fish – a new experience! Of those five I’ll let you guess what the new experience was. No! Not all five – how rude.
Exactly a year ago I was riding my bicycle into Portland finishing the Seattle to Portland bike ride – also a first for me. Hmmm…does two firsts make a tradition? No, I think three make a tradition. I need some ideas for next year. I have been accused of not having any traditions.
It is so embarrassing to not have any fish pictures...would you believe the river was just to fast for fish pictures?
Checking it Out
Taking Off

Down the River We Go

Deer Along the Way

A year ago - Finished YES! 204 miles


Anonymous said...
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Betty said...

Many times, I have fished on the White River here in Arkansas, and have never caught a fish while all around me people were hauling them in like there was no tomorrow. Maybe I really just didn't want to catch one?

Grayquill said...

Choco: Well, like my mother use to say, "Grayquill, if you don't have anything good to say, don't say anything at all."
Thanks for the encouragment - your trademark.

Betty: Many and never are such opposites. I believe that if a person fishes enough eventually he will buump one on the nose. So, keep at it unless of course you really don't want to catch any fish. But, isn't the beauty of a river worth every minute?