Sunday, July 10, 2011

Grayquill Musings COMING SOON

Two Christmases ago I put a bunch of my blog posts together and printed a few books. These became Christmas presents for my kids. After that small printing I have been encouraged by some of you, family, and my friend Holly to clean it up and have it published. Holly is a super lady who has worked harder than I could ever have hope for and she has cleaned up my mess.
The last step was to send the book to some friends and have them do a read through to catch any typos. I have been correcting these proof copies over the last couple of weeks. I am getting real close to my goal of the last part of this month to send it to press. I now only need to fix a few formatting issues, then I am ready to send it off.
It has been interesting what bridges I personally have had to cross to get this project to this point. The biggest one is to believe my writing is good enough to put into a book. That critical voice jumped off the bench and gave am several tongue lashings for being so prideful in thinking I am a good enough writer to write anything worthy of going into a book. When critical self was pushed aside with that argument, he came at me from a new angle. ‘You are doing all this work for what? Self publishers never sell any books. No one is going to read your book. This is a poor use of your time.’ I reminded Mr. Critical that I was only watching TV and somehow this effort had to be an improvement.’ That conversation only happened though after a heartfelt talk with my friend Mike who reprimanded me and flooded me with encouragement – Thanks Mike!
I wanted also to give all of you a big thank you in advance for the kind words left to me on this blog. You have been my main source of encouragement. Over and over your kind comments have made my day and added a fun component to my writing - you are the best!
Those negative voices are still present and keep trying to dissuade me, so I would once again appreciate only positive comments on this post. – Thanks in advance.
BTW I am still in a quandary as to what cover would be best. Please give me you feed back. Which one would make you want to open up the cover and see what’s inside? Thanks!


Sylvia K said...

Fantastic! I like the third one! Wishing you the very best!!


Choco said...

Your writing is good enough to put into a book Grayquill. And I am willing to copy paste the above line as many times as is required, for your belief in your writer self to become firm and confidant. :)

I like Option 1. Something about the red (also the title gets prominence because of the red background), the blue and nature.
All the Best! :D

Debra said...

I like option #3! Funny how we are always our own worst critic. It's a great idea!

Rita said...

To me option 1 is just right. Best of luck to you!

Arkansas Patti said...

Way to go GQ!!! Though I am a VW lover and should appeal to a large audience, #3 grabbed me immediately.
Will these be available as e-books? Amazon has a great self publishing program.
Looking forward to the finished product.

Linda at To Behold The Beauty said...

I'm kind of partial to Option 3. It just seems to fit well with the idea of musing.

I'm relatively new to your blog, but I've enjoyed many of your stories (especially the one about the choices at the dentist's). I think folks will find your writing interesting and entertaining. Best of luck to you on this project.

Pat said...

You know the best part to your book publishing...I can say I knew you when! OK, maybe that's the best part for me, for you it's a whole 'nuther story!
My wacky self likes option 2 but since not everyone is wacky I pick option 3....unless you are going for the wacky crowd.
I've always felt you had a Gene Hill quality to your writing, but you appeal to both sexes more then Mr. Hill, and are more relatable. So that makes you far superior to Gene Hill! Be gone critical self!
I expect an autographed copy when published.
Congratulations my friend!

Brig said...

How exciting that your publishing. I would vote for option 3, minus the line about an ordinary life. No one's life is ordinary...

Wanda..... said...

All are nice, but Option #3 would catch my often we do judge a book by it's cover.

Betty said...

Of course you write well enough to be published! Shame on you for doubting yourself! There, I feel better now. And, since you asked, I like cover number three best.

Shrinky said...

GQ, believe in yourself, we do, and we are VERY discerning readers! I think it is WONDERFUL you have gathered some of these pages to fashion into a book, you have a talent many can envy, it's time you did more with it - I am very excited for you! I like the third option, I think it suits you best.

Gianetta said...

Congratulations! I'm working on a collection of my posts too and have been plaqued with the same doubts. Nonetheless, I am moving forward. I like the third option.

Wendy said...

Congratulations!! You can do it! You will do it! Hurray!!
I'm so glad you are publishing your book. Let go of that inner critic. I know it so well!! Maybe we'll write a book called "how to get rid of that terrible inner critic"! LOL!
No, seriously, I'm happy to see your blog in print. You write so well.

Option #3 is my choice. Love that cover.
I agree with Brighid - nobody's life is ordinary.

S. Susan Deborah said...

I would go for the third one, GQ. All the best in this venture and I pray that your book becomes a best-seller.

Joy always,

Hilary said...

Very cool.. that third one is my favourite too.

Tall Guy said...

Way to go!! Kudos to you for publishing book of your blog posts. I wish even I could do that.

BTW, I like the second one for book cover.