Monday, May 16, 2011

This Could Be Very Very Bad...

There is a character in the news lately, maybe you have heard about him. He is predicting that without a shadow of doubt Jesus is coming back on May 21st, at 6:00 pm and all Jesus's true followers will be taken.
This gentleman has a radio program in my area and I can listen to him on my drive home from work. This fellow is no youngster, in fact he has lived a good long time, 89 years. I confess my motivation for listening to him does not come from a pure place. He is an enigma, an oddity, a curiosity… Having spent most of my life in or around the Christian community I have either heard or read about people like this but I have never actually heard one speak myself. The program is not all that much different than listening to one of my right wing radio commentators except this poor fellow has trouble getting excited. It is impressive that at age 89 he can do a radio program at all, let alone a live call in program. I will say, he sure does have it over Air America and those progressives, if you want boring and unoriginal, listen to 1090 AM (Seattle only). I would think those progressive smarty pants talk show hosts would listen to the right wing hosts now and then just for a lesson or two on how to entertain.  
Back to our dooms day radio host - Someone said, maybe he just decided that May 21st would be his retirement date. I liked that idea mainly because I didn’t want to think the old guy had lost his marbles. After listening to him, I believe he really does believe his own words. The real tragedy is he seems to have a following and maybe he hasn’t lost his marble but those who are doing the following I have questions about.
The one bright spot of this story is the Atheists have started a service, if you are a May 21st person, for a mere $125.00 an Atheist will come to your house on May 22nd and pickup and provide a home for your pet – Pretty smart. I wish I had thought of that.
I feel a bit sorry for the old guy – when the 22nd rolls around and he is still here, will he have a stroke or heart attack? This build up has been the man’s life work. Imagine the shock to his system when he realizes his life work was for naught – that is sadder than sad and at 89 years old who knows if his system will be able to handle it.
The fact that people believe this guy should not surprise me. I remember the Y2K hysteria, presently we have the global warming hysteria, and in the past we had the nuclear war hysteria. In all cases there were many who looked forward to these predicted tragedies and had a measure of disappointment when they did not happen. Heck I am not excluded from the masses. I remember an assignment in middle school where we were to come up with a plan on how we would survive after a nuclear holocaust. I was into it, part of me wanted it to happen just so I could have the adventure. Since then I have learned real adventure is best experienced from a book sitting in an easy chair.
BTW - Just in case our radio friend is right, could you tell a cheap atheist to call me – I have a cat but there is no way I am paying $125.00.
606 words for this post – Whew…when I first looked at it I thought it said 666.


Blunt Edges said...

Oh how I wish the count was 666 :P

And 21st May ha? Am marking it on my calendar ;)

Debra said...

Sometimes I wonder just what part of "but of that day and hour knoweth no [man], no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only" don't some people understand?

And you are so very right...I don't know anyone more entertaining in television than Glenn Beck...*smiling*...*sarcastically*

Arkansas Patti said...

Gee, I have a dentist appointment tomorrow. Maybe I should just skip it, go out and max out my credit cards in a buying frenzie.
I am no atheist but am probably a wee bit shy of the proper standards to "go" so I will be looking for stray dogs to take care of. Thanks for the heads up.

Wanda..... said...

I will probably look up Arkansas Patti and tag along with her on May 21st!

Dianne said...

Camping predicted this very thing would happen in '94
you still here?
I think I am

I did find a better route to the bakery :)

MunirGhiasuddin said...

Rickey Gervais announced while he was hosting the Oscars about himself being an atheist something like this, "Thank God, I am an atheist". Now, I don't know if he is cheap or even free.
I remember the Y2K scare very well. My husband filled up the bath tub with water in case the water supply would shut down.

Choco said...

I like Hobbes’ expression in the snap you put up. Even I had a raised eyebrow while reading this.

And then a slow smile of realization... GQ does like cats after all... His first concern, just in case if this were to really happen, is to provide for Hobbes’... Ah! I never thought I would see this day! I could just cry :’)

Linda at To Behold The Beauty said...

Ah, those enterprising atheists. What a clever idea. But I have to admit that these kooks that predict dates make my heart ache for the damage they do to the cause of Christianity.

Sylvia K said...

I think I'll go along with Arkansas Patti! Hope you make it through to the 22nd, I'll be looking for you! In the meantime, ENJOY!


Pat said...

I'm ready! If he's wrong, I've got a mother/daughter outing and a birthday party to attend on the 21st. Any way it goes down...I win!

Amrita said...

Well, I used to listen to Mr Harold Camping years ago, but lost track of him.his preaching was OK then.

He is in for a surprise and his followers too.
Wonder how he came to that conclusion. Your kitty looks wise enough to know.

If I had any May 21st people around here i would love to 'rescue ' their critters the morning after and them too.

Did you ever try 911?

Johanna said...

Oh well I think the old man must have had dreams about Jesus and it's nothing but his strong imagination which makes him feel about Jesus coming back to earth on 21st may ! But am also sorry for this old man , how will he react on 21st may 11.55pm when there will be only a minute left for his claim to get true...!
How Superstitious Am I?
Natural or Supernatural? What do you think?

Anita Jeyan said...

Reading through this post, when u mentioned Y2K hysteria, I was reminded of the movie 2012...which is a fiction, but still says the world will come to an end in year 2012. And about this 89 year old you've mentioned, may his belief save and sustain him :-) By the way, if not May 21st, I believe that Jesus will come again and that there is a judgement day. Thats the hope that sustains us Christians. Whether I will be chosen as one of His true followers...hmm. Now that is something to think about.
Thats why ,this post is thought provoking.

Moannie said...

This made me sad [for the deluded] and made me laugh out loud, something that rarely happens to me these days.

Grayquill said...

Blunt Edges: NOT ME :o

Debra: Oh..he has a great explanation but I couldn’t understand it.
No cable just antenna – don’t’ Glen or O’Riley but I do get The Office that is about equal isn’t it?

Arkansas Patti: Don’t act like you haven’t heard it all before and BTW are you saying my cat will get no help from you? That’s okay I understand.

Wanda: Are you scoffing at the old guy? It is so unlike you.

Dianne: Yeah, I heard that. Very odd character.

Munir: Filling up a bathtub is a minor act – Good for him. Thanks for stopping by.

Choco: You have left me speechless. Let me hand you a tissue…oh that’s impossible my arm is several thousand miles to short.

Linda: I think Christianity will survive.

Sylvia K: You are too nice.

Pat: I’m ready too – I’m pretty sure he’s wrong – A party and an outing – that sounds pretty good, if it was any better you would probably be in heaven.

Amrita: I think Mr. Camping is just too smart, sometimes being smart takes people places that are just not helpful.

Johanna: I don’t think I am superstitious – I don’t believe in luck – good or bad.
Thanks for stopping by.

Anita: And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him Hebrews 11:6

Moannie: Thank you for laughing – I thought I was the only one.

Mary said...

A fun, yet thought-provoking--post, GQ. Thank you. I had not heard about this prediction until I received a Facebook invitation from a friend (who happens to be a pastor :>) to a May 22nd post-rapture looting party. I prefer the offer (even if basically tongue-in-cheek) to care for pets, myself. Have a happy, thankful-to-be-alive May 22nd!

Frances said...

It is May 21st in New Zealand and here in Australia , so if you keep your eyes on us you should find out whether or not you should quickly repent.

Anonymous said...

Haaaaaaaa, loved the way you penned this tongue-in-cheek post! Well, looks like we are still here after all, eh? Darn, wish I had known of this guy when I was in Seattle last year, I'd have made a point of listening in..

Sheesh, Blogger is refusing to post my name up (it's Shrinky, btw!), do you think someone is trying to tell me something??

Heidrun Khokhar, KleinsteMotte said...

As I recall it was the Mayans who made that silly prediction. Still the saddest part of this is for several 100 Americans a tornado did take them. That devastation was a real heartbreaker.