Monday, February 23, 2009

Dating Bliss...

Dating is that special time when man meets woman and they discover the qualities of the other. I have been told the female looks for a male that will plan elaborate and expensive dates to prove he will be a good provider, put her needs before his own, shows he values her above all others, and will deeply sacrifice his own personal well being too make her the princess he sees her to be . With all that in mind I was trying to think of the one date where all those factors came into play, you know where the magic happened, that one special date that sealed the deal, the date where the doves came to serenade, the date where she knew I was the one and only for her. I have heard her say on more than one occasion that this date was truly unforgettable. So of all the dates we went on during our courting – this one jumped right to the top.
I can only imagine the phone calls to her girl friends the day after this date. You know the phone calls… the ones that women make to their girlfriends where every detail, every moment, every emotion, every gesture, every gallant chivalrous act, is explained in full vivid color. I guarantee none of her friends had dates that matched the pure viridity of this youthful escapade. If only they could have been so lucky.
Our date started out with quit conversation as my baby blue 1963 Falcon rolled us down Hwy 99. Green lights greeted us one by one. Not a red light blinked at us all the way there. It was if the green lights were sending us signals, like a precursor of good times to come.
I eased the car into the parking spot and a warm airy summer breeze filtered through the partly rolled down window. A scent of lilacs filtered in complimenting my girl’s sweet perfume as she snuggled up close - we cuddled. A kiss – an “I love you,” and then I reached over and adjusted the volume to just the right decibel to match the romantic ambience being setup by the intro music from the first of four Clint Eastwood Spaghetti westerns. It was the Good the Bad and the Ugly, A Fist Full of Dollars, Hang’em High, and then to complete the ensemble A Few Dollars more. It was magical. It was unforgettable. It was selfless. It was chivalrous, all the things that make for an unforgettable date. Those truly were the good old drive in movie days. – YES!
Oh, did I leave out my bride to be, fell asleep in the first twenty minutes of the first movie? D’OH!

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Anonymous said...

Ha ha! Good story!

Now this lady sounds interesting! Tell us more about her. There's nothing like a lady who's self-confident enough to fall asleep at the beginning of a date. I like her already!